Delirium (Delirium #1) by Lauren Oliver

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

Hey guys, this is my book review to Delirium by Lauren Oliver. :) 


For those of you who haven't read this book yet, this story is about a girl named Lena who lives in a world without love. And it's this really weird society that's convincing everyone that love is a really bad thing and that it'll take over your mind. So to prevent the disease they've created a cure for it, an operation for when you're eighteen. Lena is a girl who wants to get her operation done as soon as possible, but then she meets a boy names Alex, and they fall in love. 


I liked this book a lot. For me, Lena seems like a really easy character to understand because if we were brought up in a society like this, then we'd all probably believe that love is a disease too. I have to give Lauren Oliver credit when she came up with the phases and how dangerous this world is. It was really smart. She's also written the prose beautifully.


At the beginning of each chapter, there's this really odd excerpt or saying that comes from this world that they live in, and I find it so awesome, because it gives you a small insight on what these people were raised with. It is, once again, really creative. 


The only problems I had with this book were that it was kind of slow-paced for me. I understood that this book was about love, but I wish it had a little more action to it. I'm excited for the next book and am pretty sure that the rest of you all are too for those of you who have read it! .