Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a nice day and this is my book review to Scarlet, sequel to Cinder and the second installment to The Lunar Chronicles


Scarlet takes place right after Cinder breaks out of jail and discovers that she is Princess Selene, the lost princess who is supposedly dead. She escapes with Captain Thorne, another prisoner who helped her escape. Now, Cinder's just come out of her Lunar shell thingy that was holding her back, so her powers go a teeny bit crazy in this book, but it's not fully under her control. Scarlet is introduced when she gets a comm from the police about her missing grandmother, and the case is closed. She works at a restaurant where she hears about Cinder, and defends her therefore getting laughed at. 


A fighter from the streets, Wolf, defends her. After a while he lends her a hand to help to find her grandmother when she says she's missing. 


This book had more action compared to Cinder which I loved to bits. All the old characters from this book seemed to step up to a new level of complete sass. I liked it. 


Now, I ship Wolf and Scarlet like no tomorrow, just saying. He's so adorable and cute and nice and I loved him.

But you know what? I did it, I KNEW that this story was based off of Little Red Riding Hood and I did it. I trusted the big bad wolf. And my heart broke when he betrayed Scarlet and I sat there stuck on replay while face palming myself.

(show spoiler)


My favorite characters: Iko and Kai. I loved Iko. She's so awesome that I wish for her to brighten my dull life. Kai... I feel horrible for Kai, because while everyone's off saving the world and being awesome, Kai is honestly just stuck with Levana all the time. I feel for him. And I love him. A lot. 


Just to say that Captain Thorne was the best addition to Scarlet. That's all. 


Some problems I had with this book was that I found Scarlet way too stubborn for her own good. She was a nice character overall but she refused to believe the fact that her grandmother had a past that didn't involve her. So you can imagine my slight frustration with her at times. 


Overall, this book was AWESOME compared to Cinder, and I would like to shake Marissa Meyer's hand for incorporating fairy tales in such a creative way that my mind boggles when I try to think of her creativity.