Gilded Ashes by Rosamund Hodge

Gilded Ashes: A Cruel Beauty Novella - Rosamund Hodge

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a great day, and this is my review to the novella, Gilded Ashes, following Cruel Beauty. This does not have to be read along with the book, and is a simple story inspired by Cinderella


I liked this one, I finished in an hour, and I didn't regret any other part of it. 


In this story, Maia, lives with her mother and two step sisters. They are all living together after her father dies. But Maia's mother loves her so much that she's still with her after she's dead, and stays with Maia there. It's not a loving mother-daughter relationship... Maia pretends to be happy all the time even if she's scared so that her mother stays happy. 


Cause when her mom's not happy... yeah... stuff happens...


She sneaks to give Anax, the next Duke in line, letters from her sister as a ball is called. They then bond over talking.


It's a nice sweet short story AND IGNIFEX IS SHOWN WHICH JUST ADDS TO EVERYTHING WITH LIKE TRIPLE CHERRIES ON TOP. So yeah, read it, it's really good! I was happy when I read it!