Long Weekend: Books Currently Reading and To-Read

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day, and this is my list of books that I am currently reading and that I am going to read afterwards. I tried to keep a mental list, but that didn't really work out great, so I've decided to get it down on blog format for myself and to share with you guys! 


Currently Reading 



I'd started Cress a few weeks ago right after reading Cinder and Scarlet. But I got three books I had to read for an English assignment, one of them being Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects.


I'd gone down to the library a couple of days ago, and then I saw Wrecked, Wake, and Beach Lane. Three more books because this is a known fact that I cannot go to the library and just walk out with one book. I've tried and failed many many times. Hopefully I'm not alone. 





A friend of mine who loves Jenny Han told me to start off with her if I wanted to read a bit more of Teen Romance. I've read the synopsis' of both her books listed above, To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Burn for Burn. They sound pretty interesting, and I can't wait until I start them. 


When I went to the library a couple of days ago, I saw Of Poseidon shelved and decided to read that after I finished with Amanda Hocking's Wake


We Were Liars was something my friend said she liked more than If I Stay, which is a book I'm still not sure if I would like to read. So, I decided to read We Were Liars first.


I love, love, loved Marie Lu's Legend Series, and when she said she was coming out with a new book, I think I peed my pants from happiness. I already love the way it sounds. I'm really excited to start this one! I will love anything she writes.  


Heir of Fire has been sitting on my Kobo bookshelf for like . . . a month. When I first bought it, I was like, phew! Thank God, and since Sarah J. Maas is my idol, I wanted to read her book in peace, without any expectations. So I decide to start it the next day and then suddenly my teacher comes out with a THREE BOOK assignment so that we can "read more." (keeping in mind that other classes don't have to do this.) I didn't get to read that this weeked because of my currently reading shelf, and I want to read Sarah J. Maas' amazing book on a nice relaxing day where I can explode with Celaena feels. 


I'm hoping to get through my Currently Reads, so I can move to these books that I've been wanting to read for a while now! Hope you all have a great day, and thanks for reading! :)