Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer

Cress - Marissa Meyer

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great day today, and this is my review to the third installment in The Lunar Chronicles, Cress, by Marissa Meyer.


In my last post, I mentioned how I had Cress for a long time and just couldn’t get through it. NOT because I didn’t like the book, but it was because of the unexpected tasks and assignments that kept popping up. So today, since I’m free, I woke up, and I didn’t even get out of bed. I just had to finish Cress. So I read till the very end, and I’m pretty glad I did!


Anyway, Cress picks off right where Scarlet ended, with Cress’ point of view of living on a satellite. She does all of Queen Levana’s technical dirty work, and is commanded by Sybil—in Cress’ case, Mistress Sybil (yeah right). Unfortunately, the team splits up when Mistress Sybil picks up on the plan from a surprise visit. Wolf, Cinder, and Jacin (new addition by the way) end up going straight to Dr. Erland who’s in Africa waiting for them. Cress and Captain Thorne (I did not see this coming) got stranded out in the Sahara. And Scarlet, God keep her safe, gets taken by the Lunar spaceship.


One thing I really liked about this story was Cinder’s sass. Like, the world can be chasing her as a wanted criminal all they want passing their comments, but you can’t beat Cinder’s sass—and everything Cinder. I hope they all cry when they’re about to die and feel sorry for being a bunch of hypocritical idiots when Cinder saves the world.


Another thing I really liked about this story was Cress’ character. Cress is innocent, she’s got a lot things she wish she can do, but she’s being held back, and she’s a sappy romantic by heart, which is why we’re best friends. The thing I like is that Marissa Meyer shows this really intelligent girl who can save the world, but she’s honestly a normal girl who’s thrown into this whole situation she doesn’t know about. She’s not a badass, she’s not “the bravest person” or “the prettiest person” but she’s still there. Her character is quite different from the rest, and I found her adorable and fun to read about. (P.S. CRESS AND CAPTAIN THORNE ARE THE BOMB.)


They do go back to Scarlet being kidnapped throughout the book. I hope when Levana dies she gets burnt, her fingers cut off, and everything possible. But . . . concentrating on the series with the revolution, the addition of new characters, and keeping the plot paced, Scarlet is the one to lose her story more in the book, so there’s not really much of her. Reading about Wolf and Scarlet NOT being together was hard, because I ship those two a lot. Wolf just broke my heart, because he broke his heart. That was the only thing I didn’t like. Winter does get introduced at the end of the story though!


BUT THE BEST PART OF THIS STORY WAS . . . sorry guys it’s spoiler, and if you are reading this book, then you’ll love it much much much much much more when you read it.


(show spoiler)


This book had a lot more action, and I definitely recommend it. It’s pretty long, but a fun read nonetheless! I CANNOT wait until November 2015 (WHY IS IT SO LONG) when the LAST book comes out! I think this had been my longest review, but thank you for reading guys!