Wrecked by Anna Davies

Wrecked - Anna Davies

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great day. I know this is my second review today, but I’m trying to get through my reading list to hurry up and get caught up on everything. This is my review to Wrecked by Anna Davies.


The book is about a girl named Miranda who lives on a small island with her tight group of friends, until one night they go out on a boat, causing an accident. From her group of eight, four of her friends die, and the other four (including her) survive. The whole town except for her family blames her since she’d been the one driving the boat. Miranda feels extremely stressed, so she goes out to the beach where she meets Christian, and they bond through the nights.


I’d expected a lot from this book, and I went through it really fast just to finish this and get it over with.


The first half of the book is Miranda being hated on by the whole town. Everyone, this includes: teachers, principals, guidance counselors, parents, friends, classmates, younger kids, this list can continue. I found this kind of behaviour extremely immature. Her Coach stopped talking to her immediately, and one teacher didn’t even give her a test during class. Teachers are not allowed to do that. And the thing is there is no proof that Miranda had done anything, despite the fact that she’d been driving the boat when it crashed. Everyone just automatically blamed her.


Miranda goes to the beach at night, but Christian approaches her after we know why he’s there. Since this book is told in third person, we know everything Miranda and Christian go through. I felt really omniscient while reading this book because I already knew everything. During the book if Miranda wondered anything about Christian or what was going to happen, I already knew. This lead to another problem, I could not connect with Miranda. The only thing I could do was feel horrible as she was unfairly shunned.


The nights that they spend together were just okay for me to read. I didn’t really get any emotion from any of the characters perspectives, and I wasn’t really sure where this was supposed to go. The second half of the book held a slight bit of more hope for me than the first half did. But once again, for disappointment.


The ending was extremely predicable. There was no building point or climax, and the Sea Witch gets a hold of Miranda for I think . . . a page and a half, another page if you include some interaction between the two, and Miranda hoping Christian would save her. Miranda just tugs herself out from the binds, and she manages to flick a match towards the Sea Witch to burn her, and there: the curse ends. Christian and Miranda don’t even get together in the end, but honestly, I didn’t even care, I was just more disappointed from realizing I read practically nothing. They said goodbye and kissed before Christian could flop like a dead fish up-shore.

(show spoiler)


The ending theme reflects on Miranda’s inner growth and how she wants to hold stable ground, when I think Miranda was a well-grounded character throughout the book. She still tried her best to fight back against an entire town that was against her. I didn’t share this feeling of “self-realization” or growth.


I don’t know if I could recommend this book to anyone. If you do want to though, give it a try, but don’t expect anything until the second half of the book, which still disappointed me.


Thank you all for reading once again! I have just three more books to go on my Currently Reading list, and a couple of books in between before I can sit back, relax and continue on my To-Read list!