Bookshelf Update

Hi guys, so I’ve moved along to my new To-Read List! I’ve updated this along the way including all my old and new ones, and have decided to calm down while reading, so stuck to maximum, two books at a time.


Currently Reading



I knew I said I wanted to read Heir of Fire in ultimate peace, but honestly guys . . . it’s been a month, and I couldn’t help it, I had to read Heir of Fire. I don’t care if I have projects in each class, and a lot of exams for extra-curricular things as well. I have decided that I’m going to reward myself every night with a nice read of Heir of Fire.


When I picked up Burn for Burn in the library I kept on thinking of Pretty Little Liars, which is odd, but its the truth. The idea of revenge and like . . . “bad girls” just remind me of Pretty Little Liars. But I’ve read the beginning, and I know I’m going to love this one. It’s awesome, and the girls in this are awesome-er. I love Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian already!







To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before like I mentioned before, is something my friend recommended because whereas she likes to read, she’s not a die-hard like me. So she says that Jenny Han is her favorite author and has not disappointed, she always reads her. I also like the synopsis of this book. When I checked it out, I was like . . . OMG this is SO cool. I had to read this. I can’t wait until I get my hands on this one.


When I was checking out Wake in the library, I noticed Of Poseidon also shelved. I chose Wake first, for some weird reason. Even though I was disappointed by Wake, I still decided to give Of Poseidon a try because I went over the community reviews for that book, and a lot of people seemed to like this one more than Wake. Hoping this one will be enjoyable!


We Were Liars is recommended by the same friend who loves Jenny Han. Apparently, she didn’t like If I Stay, and she said that she’d gotten We Were Liars after. Once again, community reviews on this book seemed to be more positive, so I decided to read this one. Also, someone mentioned this to be a quick read for someone like me, so I don’t have to worry about reading a lot of something I don’t like. Really excited for this book as well! The synopsis kind of lets off the read-to-find-out-more vibe.


The Young Elites is written by one of my favorite authors, Marie Lu. As I mentioned in my last Bookshelf Update, I loved Mari Lu’s Legend series. So when I found out that she was writing a new series, me died right there. You guys should read the synopsis, it is the bomb. I’m probably the most excited for this one than anything else!


I was given that Kobo Reads recommended books, and The Girl of Fire and Thorns was one of them. I didn’t really pay attention to it at first, but then I was like, “How is a girl of fire and thorns?” I found the title pretty cool, so I went online and checked it out, and then got a free preview from Kobo. I loved it, I found Elisa a character that can grow into so much more. I’m excited to see what Rae Carson can do with her. I want to finish certain books before I get started on this one since this is the first book to a trilogy though.


Finnikin of the Rock was a book I saw while searching Marrisa Meyer’s Winter release date. Someone wrote an article about Marissa Meyer’s success as an author, and compared The Lunar Chronicles to The Lumatere Chronicles. Since I got curious to see what awesome series gets compared to my other favorite awesome series, I searched The Lumatere Chronicles and got interested in the first book of the series, which is Finnikin of the Rock. It sounded interesting, and I’m starting to notice I like action, fantasy, new-world kind of books for some reason. Hoping this one will be as good as it sounds!


I saw a book in the library called Bitterblue, and was about to check that out when on the cover it said it was the sequel to Graceling. So, I went and saw Graceling and was about to take that one out when an announcement came on that the library was closing, so I didn’t get a chance for that one. I read the synopsis, and I’m excited. This is . . . once again, a magic-world, fantasy, awesome killing girl book. The cover is also beautiful . . . I want this book.


Lauren Oliver’s Delirium was awesome. I’m going to start reading some books that start another series after I finish Pandemonium—pretty long word there. I am so excited for this book. I’m hoping to see how Lena changes as a character. Hopefully this one has more action, because that was only thing that I hoped for from the last book!


I also realize how excruciatingly long this Bookshelf Update is. Thank you guys for reading if you have reached the bottom here! I am excited with my Currently Reads right now compared to my last ones! Thank you guys if you do finish this, and I'm going to try not to add more To-Reads and keep them short and sweet for my next Bookshelf Update. Hope you guys have a great day and thanks for reading, bye!