Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great day, and this is my review to the book I’ve been dying to read, Heir of Fire, which is the third installment in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas.


This book takes off from Celaena’s point of view after she reaches Wendlyn. This book is Celaena’s change from an assassin to Queen, which is remarkable. The book is more focused on Celaena’s inner growth and her decisions regarding her kingdom which she lost ten years before. The book revolves around Chaol and Aeidon’s planning against the King of Adarlan, Dorian and his newfound romance, and a Blackbeak witch, Manon and her pet Abraxos, and Celaena Sardothien and her awesome trainer Rowan Whitethorn.


I would recommend that you not read Heir of Fire in one sitting. I actually read Crown of Midnight in one sitting . . . I know, not healthy. But, Heir of Fire is slow-paced and dwells on a lot of detail and if you want to savor it, I recommend that you read it nice and slow. I finished Heir of Fire in about two and a half weeks. Haha, according to my Kobo, I read it in exactly three hours. But still, take your time to really read the words, savor the setting, and go through the plot. That’s my recommendation, though, try the first couple of chapters in one sitting and see how it goes.


One thing I love reading about is character growth. I don’t really like it when the series has four books, and there is large amounts of character growth throughout the first book, and throughout the rest of the series, there is nothing. I love the way Sarah J. Maas takes her time with showing different aspects of Celaena’s character. In this book, Celaena’s not the violent, clever, sarcastic assassin we all know from the first two books. She’s tired, broken, and feels completely alone. She doesn’t know who she is anymore and her purpose in life, and is constantly guilty about the death of all her loved ones that she’s lost. The journey read about Celaena’s change from assassin to Queen is remarkable, and for those of you curious about her past, there is much more insight on that.


Manon’s story was kind of predictable to me, but honestly, she was kind of fun to read about with her attitude, even if she is . . . kind of violent.


Poor Dorian is completely alone and doesn’t know what to do, he feels lost from his friend, from Celaena, from his family, so he finds comfort in a small, new love.

Too bad the asshole King of Adarlan cuts off her head in front of Dorian anyway when Dorian fell to his knees to ask for her life.

(show spoiler)


Is there someone I’m not happy with? Yes . . . Chaol Westfall, we need to have a long talk. In fact, I completely did not understand your judgmental decisions regarding Celaena and Dorian at all. I’m glad Dorian talked some sense into you, because what Dorian said is true, Chaol can’t pick parts of someone to love, because it just shows he never loved Celaena as a whole. He can’t leave years of friendship behind when Dorian needed him the most in the end just because he doesn’t know what to think. Ladies and gentleman: this is the Captain of the Guard that I lost my heart over and am so disappointed about. Chaol is an amazing character and I feel Sarah J. Maas could’ve done much more with him than she did. But still . . . in the end Chaol rocked better than he did for a good 90% of the book.


Aeidon is also a new addition to the book, and Aelin/Celaena’s cousin who thought she was dead. Until Chaol tells him she’s not. I felt bad when reading about this guy, because he has to agree with the King of Adarlan for everything, and his people are suffering and he can’t do anything about it. Aeidon was okay for me to read about, except for the one part of the book where Ren mentioned he had a chance to be her King, and I was like, “No bro, Rowan Whitethorn or Chaol Westfall or Dorian Havilliard . . . or maybe you too.”


This leads to another topic: my unhealthy shipping with Celaena and every male character possible in this book. You know what? In the end if Celaena is left alone with the amazing guys then I’ll still take it. Which has never happened to me before . . . I’ve never shipped the main character with every guy in the damn book before—this is not healthy for me or my feels. Because Celaena will be thinking about Chaol and I’m like “Yes! OMG Chaolaena all the damn way!” And then Dorian will think about Celaena and I’m like “Yeah, take her back Dorian!” And then Celaena will comment something on Rowan and I’m like, “YES you need to defend your man . . .” Like . . . what am I doing? Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? I’m perfectly fine with whoever Celaena ends up with. This is extrememly unhealthy but I am.


Now saving the damn best for last: ladies and gentleman . . . Rowan Whitethorn. This is the part where I swoon, fall, and collapse. Because he’s too much for me to handle. When he’s with Celaena I literally jump up and down while dying with my feels. He does not take Celaena and her attitude. She will act arrogant, and he will put her in her place. And when they do become friends, his loyalty is unwavering. I love him, I love him, I love him.  I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT SARAH J. MAAS DOES?!?! THEY’RE “JUST FRIENDS.” YEAH FINE. I GET IT. CRUSH ME WITH THE FEELS. But we still have three books left and Chaol, Aeidon, and Dorian. 


My favorite part of this book was reading Part Two: Heir of Fire. I loved it, and you guys will too. Celaena’s growth from assassin to Queen is beautiful to read about, and how Rowan helps her heal as a friend is really beautiful. Because sometimes, when your love isn’t there, it’s friendship. And this is shown wonderfully, that friendship is something else on its own.


If any of you read my review to The Assassin’s Blade then you’ll see the part where I was saying Sarah J. Maas needs to write a book where Celaena kills Arobynn. It’s coming guys . . . in the fourth book, it’s coming! Sam, sweetheart, you’ll be justified! Especially after he stole the necklace from her, like no man, no.

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those of you who are wondering about the first two books, read them to start the series, they’re good! Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight and for those of you who haven’t read the third book yet, it didn’t disappoint me! I can’t wait until the fourth book comes out!