The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu

The Young Elites - Marie Lu

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t updated in a long time from the craze of school becoming slightly busier. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my review to Marie Lu’s first book in her new trilogy, The Young Elites.


This book is set in another land, where the blood fever had come and passed. The people who have survived now have markings and are called the Young Elites. Adelina Amouteru is one of the survivors of the blood fever. She now has silver hair (her marking) and her left eye had been removed from swelling too much when she had been going through the fever. She is about to be executed for accidently killing her father, until Enzo, known as the Reaper, saves her on her execution day from being killed by Teren. The book goes on to describe her life in trying to fit into this new environment.


Adelina is very different from others as a character. She has this darkness that overtakes her, and she’s not the good guy. Just so you know. She’s not the good guy. But she’s not exactly the bad guy either. This dynamic was more interesting for me to read about than other characters. The last time I had this kind of interest in a character was probably Celaena Sardothien from Sarah J. Mass’s Throne of Glass. Adelina has been hurt her entire life, and there’s always been a darkness that has surrounded her leaving her thinking to be more different than others. She’s an interest point of view to read about.


Other characters in the book and the relationships were also fun for me to read about. Although, the relationship she has with her sister reminded me of the one in Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. Kind of from when Nyx had been forced to be married and she envied her sister for that. It was a déjà-vu moment for me. There’s Enzo, who is supposed to be the Reaper (leader of the Daggers) and her potential love interest. But there’s not really too much of that in there . . . and you find out more things in the book. By far, I think the friendship and trust in between Adelina and Raffaele is my favorite. He is the kindest person throughout this entire story. Their relationship was based on a lot of connections they both made throughout the book.


For those of you who are wondering about the actual plot-line, I would say that it did not disappoint me. When I first picked up The Young Elites I’d thought it would be something different, but once you get into Adelina’s mind and her point of view then you realize that the story may go in another direction. This story is different than the one in Legend. The only similarity I found is in the end when June saves Day from being executed and how in the beginning of this book how Enzo saved Adelina from getting executed. I found that kind of funny though.


Although a lot of things I didn’t expect still happened. Some even confused me. Violetta didn’t have to hide she was an Elite from Adelina. This kind of irritated me because Adelina’s finger broke when they were little because of her. Adelina also could have simply tried telling Raffaele that Teren had forced her to become a spy. But then I guess that would have changed major plot points. I’m still not sure if Enzo really loved Adelina or that fact that she was something different entirely. I am also very concerned for Teren . . . like, he needs to sit down and get his mind straight, because while reading in his point of view (written in third person) I had a hunch the Queen is just using him to get to the throne. Rafaelle has clearly left Adelina alone in the end after she killed Enzo accidentally which has made me very sad. Violetta is a person I dislike to the max because she only protected herself when she and Adelina were younger. HOPEFULLY MAEVE CAN BRING ENZO BACK TO LIFE IF SHE BROUGHT HER BROTHER BACK TO LIFE.

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Yes, I would recommend this book for fantasy readers, although it has a less dose of romance. For those of you into mysterious things and different types of main characters I think you’ll like this one. For people who expect this to be like Legend it’s not, but is still enjoyable nonetheless. I would definitely recommend this to fantasy fans and I will definitely be getting the second installment! Thanks for reading and until the next update, good bye!