Facts about My Reads

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great day and this is a small little post simply about my reads. I hope you enjoy them. Lucky for me, today is a snow day! So I get a day off. :D


True Facts

1. I have never DNFed a book. I will finish one entire book, but what I’ll end up doing is read other books I like along with it, and read the horrible book r e a l l y s l o w  l   y . . . but I still finish it. Why? Because an author does put a lot of work in writing and editing one book for all of us to read, so I guess it sucks that no one liked it. But then, how are you to know what readers enjoy? They still tried and put themselves out there, so I just finish the book. I will stop the series, but not one individual book.


Now, people can DNF if they want. That’s okay, but I just don’t. In fact if someone I know is an avid reader and they tell me they’ve DNFed a book then that just lets me know how bad it was for even them to finish it, so I just don’t read it.


2. Whenever I’m done reading a book, I feel like I’m the main character. In fact, Harry did not kill Voldemort, I was there, man. Harry killed Voldemort cause I was reading.


LOL, I am just kidding. But honestly, when I’m done reading a book, I feel like I’m the one that did all the work, and then I’ll feel my self-esteem rise. Like, can you just imagine how I felt after I finished Cress and read that

Cinder kidnapped Kai? That was literally like an extra boost, cause I felt like I was the one who did the kidnapping.

(show spoiler)


It is also books that make me feel like that, that I recommend for other people to read.


3. I have never read Harry Potter and I watched two minutes of the movie before I turned it off. I wasn’t even bored; I just prefer reading books before I watch the movie. I don’t know why, I don’t watch a movie unless I’ve read its book.


And honestly . . . every time I go to the library they have SO MANY copies of Harry Potter shelved on but when I look at eight books and how many pages they are with a whole new dimensional world, I can’t. But I will read Harry Potter one day . . . when my grandkids need a bedtime story. It’ll be half an hour of Harry Potter every night before they go to bed.


4. I read The Fault in Our Stars to save myself from getting embarrassed in a public library. I actually never planned to read it. I went to the library to ask about volunteering but the lady who usually works there was absent and the lady who was, was extremely rude. I was asking about how to search for an application and the lady started almost YELLING at me in front of everyone, so last minute, I said I was searching for The Fault in Our Stars because the book poster was behind her. And then she calmed down and gave me the book and everyone was kind of laughing.


5. I read the Twilight saga after the second last movie came out, because everyone kept on talking about it, and people kept on making references to it like, “I love you like Bella loves Edward,” or “She and that guy remind me of when Edward watched Bella at night.” I couldn’t take it anymore because whenever I would say I’d never read it, people would be like “But don’t you read?” (Apparently to people who don’t read, this means that you should read the popular books ALL THE TIME.) And I’m like, “Why does everyone talk about this so much? What’s the big deal?” So, I read the entire series over Christmas break. And the last third portion of Breaking Dawn (the fourth and last book in the series) was the only part I kind of liked in this entire series.


6. Okay. I’m not sure what this is. But Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was really big. Now . . . if you haven’t read Gone Girl and you would like to, then don’t read this number. It was a really good book, but by the end of it, I was irritated. Not because of the book, but because of something else. I was flipping through channels and there was this crime show coming on in a different language with English Subtitles. I watched the whole hour episode.


WHAT THE EPISODE WAS ABOUT : A guy gets arrested because his wife’s burned body is discovered. The police walk around the house and find her diary. Her diary entries show that the husband and wife weren’t happy at all and that she wrote about “the reality.” The guy gets arrested, and the girl’s entries are used as evidence. But then, later in the episode when the girl shows up as a “ghost” then you realize that the diary was fake because she wanted a divorce after being in love with her brother-in-law.


WHAT GONE GIRL IS ABOUT : A guy gets blamed for the disappearance of his wife, near their fifth-year anniversary. Then you find out that she has a diary that shows that they don’t really have a happily married life. The diary is of Amy Dunne, his wife. Nick is a suspect. In the end you find out that Amy isn’t actually gone, she is just pretending in order to get divorced, or something I don’t remember. The diary is FAKE. She goes back to Nick, and writes a story about her “abduction.” Nick deletes his after he finds she’s pregnant (I think).


And there you have it folks. Because while reading Gone Girl I KEPT ON THINKING ABOUT THAT EPISODE and I was like, isn’t this funny if the wife is framing the husband? AND I WAS PREDICTING THE REST OF THE BOOK AND I WAS RIGHT EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. People found “twists” and I irritated because I think the TV crime episode decided to take “inspiration” from the book or something and it’s not even English.

(show spoiler)


I do not know. But I felt bad, because Gone Girl is a great and unique mystery guys, but honestly. The TV ruined it for me.


7. I have never read the ending of a book first before anything else. And I am a huge anti-spoiler fanatic. Why would you read the book if you had to know the ending? Why need feels? It’s like pouring the cereal in the milk and then putting it in a bowl. It makes no sense . . .


8. If there is an ongoing series which is planned to be eight books and I’ve already read the first one, then I continue. That way I read the book every year or year and a half when it comes out. I can do that. If there is a series with like ten books and there are still more coming out, I am more likely to wait until the entire series is over before I start reading the first. Examples are : I am more likely to read Rachelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series than read her Bloodlines series until the last book comes out, because it already has like five books with another coming out. So I’ll probably read Vampire Academy until the Bloodlines series is over and THEN start Bloodlines. Compared to Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass. I read the first book when it came out. So now, I keep up with it even if it is more than a trilogy or saga.


And that’s it guys! This is what I do during snowstorms! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and can’t wait to write the next one for y’all! :D Thanks for reading :)