Baygirl by Heather Smith

Baygirl - Heather Smith

Hi guys, hope you’re having a great day (and are counting down for the New Year)! I hope you enjoy reading my review to Heather Smith’s Baygirl which is also a White Pine 2015 selection. This is also the third book I’ve read out of the five mandatory and ten in total.


This book is about a girl named Kit (Katherine) Ryan, who’s lived in Parson’s Bay for her entire life. Now, she’s moving to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. For those of you who don’t know, this is also on the coasts of Canada, and Newfoundland is on the side. Kit lives with a mother who’s most likely working minimum wage jobs and her dad is an alcoholic. In Newfoundland, when the government banned cod fishing, a lot of fishermen lost their jobs, most fishermen came from families who’d been fishing cod for a living for generations. When this incident happened, a lot of families that fished for a living lost their source of income for what they knew how to do best. So Kit’s family moves in with her depressed Uncle Iggy after his wife dies. She meets a new boy named Elliot, a neighbour Mr. Adams, and makes a new friend, Caroline. The name Baygirl also comes from when she first gets made fun of in her new school. 


This book for me was kind of depressing. But, Kit has a sarcastic sense of humor that helps make this less depressing. Thankfully, she can stand up for herself. But honestly, her mother annoys me to no end. You’re willing to live a man who slapped you? And her mom literally holds her cheek after and says that she’s going where her dad’s going. Woman if that was me . . .


But, as much as Kit’s reaction is probably what we would all do, you start realizing things in the end. As much as Kit’s father never made a motion towards supporting her, she didn’t really do the same. There were some instances where she could’ve tried harder. I’m not saying that she should do all the work, and her father ruined a lot of things. But still. 

“‘That went well, don’t you think?’


He was fishing for compliments. Proud of himself for not putting a show. Well, as he would say, whoopdi-bloody-doo. What did he want? A medal? I wasn’t about to give him any compliments for acting halfway normal for once in his life.


‘It was okay,’ I said flatly.


He just stood there, like a little boy waiting for approval.


‘Was there anything else you wanted?’


He shook his head.


‘Okay, well, I have some presents to wrap.’


He nodded and, with slumped shoulders, left the room.’’

But that’s the confusing thing. He slaps her mom, she’s bad for staying and not wanting to actually help him. Kit just yells at him, he just yells at her. There’s honestly just depressing actions going on. But in the end, I really liked this because it gives deeper insights to a lot of relationships in an odd way.


I would recommend this to teens. But for others, this may seem slow to you, a lot of you may feel like you’re reading nothing, but read till the end. In the end, it leaves a nice message.


Hope you all have a nice day and thanks for reading!