Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2) by Morgan Rhodes

Rebel Spring - Morgan Rhodes

Hi guys, I hope you all are having a great day and this is my review to Morgan Rhodes’ Rebel Spring. This book is the second installment in the Falling Kingdoms series which consists of six books.


Rebel Spring takes off right where Falling Kingdoms ended. Jonas is now a rebel in Paelsia. We get introduced to a new character Lyssandra, who is a possible love interest. In Auranos, Cleo and Aron are kept as prisoners in her own castle after King Gaius conquered Auranos by making his adopted daughter Princess Lucia break the gates with her own magic, which makes her stay in coma for the first while in the story. Prince Magnus is just . . . thinking.


I was crying while reading this book. Today I read small bits whenever I could to get this thing over with. I admit I didn’t like the first book, Falling Kingdoms, but honestly . . . nothing happens. Aron is the dumbest guy in this entire story; King Gaius is wasting his time killing servants when he should just kill his “amusement”. Princess Cleo and Prince Magnus get married. Magnus actually has Nic on the barns when he saved his life in the last book! Well, Cleo wanted to kill him so yeah.


Lucia is SO DUMB. I CANNOT READ ABOUT THIS GIRL. Whenever I would turn over a page and see the next chapter start from Lucia’s POV, I would CRY. WHY?! Were the skies above not in a good mood that she suddenly becomes the dumbest idiot but somehow the most powerful person in this entire book?


Don’t even get me started on Jonas. Somehow, this kid manages to suddenly go from being a wine-seller’s son, to a professional rebel leader. You had no effing training, bro. Please. But nothing happens. But somehow—gasp!—he manages to sneak into the castle that is being ruled over by King Gaius, go into the Princess Cleo’s room and talk and just leave? What?


Magnus, just whatever. You’re kind of funny to read about man. Like, how much can things get worse for you?


Cleo, by God. I started laughing when I read the last sentence of Rebel Spring for this shocking revelation for Cleo.  THIS IS HOW THE SECOND BOOK ENDS:

“The key to destroying the King of Blood was his very own daughter.”



And since Cleo knew her door was covered with magic, shouldn’t she have figured out Gaius had some sort of magic to break her castle door? Shouldn’t she try to see that he had closer access to magic than she did?

(show spoiler)


I’m honestly so disappointed with this book, I’m sick and tired of reading pages and pages of nothing. I am most definitely not reading the second book. You want to know the only question on my mind throughout the entire book? Did I really spend eleven dollars on this? Yes . . . I did.


I would recommend this to people who liked the first book in this series. If you thought the first book was okay then do not force yourself to read Rebel Spring, especially if you do not want to, because I did and I could not get through this book fast enough. But then again,everyone has different opinions.