Red Rising (Red Rising #1) by Pierce Brown

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Hi guys, hope you are enjoying your current reading right now. This is my review to Red Rising by Pierce Brown, which is the first book in the Red Rising trilogy.


I have to admit, from the point I started this book to when I finished it, I wasn’t really feeling the hype around this book at all. Darrow was a strong character, but he felt too perfect. At some points, it felt like Darrow was just too smart to be a Red, and the way he sneaked into the Golds was quite fascinating, but at the same time, I wasn’t really feeling the whole suspension or tension for Darrow. At this point, I kind of knew that whatever Darrow would do would eventually be correct. Unfortunately, this led to me being unable to connect with Darrow as a character.


I also felt some points of the book were much slower than the others. The beginning was extremely slow for me, almost to the point where I was wondering the exact direction of this plot. Thankfully, once Darrow joins the Golds, he was quite smart. And the whole “Keep your friends close, but enemies closer” phrase seemed to really apply to this situation.


I felt there was too much inner monologue for some reason. I found Darrow’s thoughts quite . . . different than others. I wasn’t exactly sure what made him think so differently. And his thinking doesn’t exactly change, nor is there any growth. Instead, there is constant intelligence.


I don’t know . . . this book didn’t exactly suit me, and I was hoping that I would enjoy this book a lot more than I actually did. I’m giving this book three stars, because this is a very strong ambitious book. But it’s just not for me.


I hope you guys enjoy this book more than I did, and thanks for reading my review! :D