Books That Have Been Major Let-Downs

Hey guys, I’ve realized I haven’t exactly put up a random post about my reads for a while so I decided to write one which is . . . Books That Have Been Major Let-Downs. These books are in no specific order, or from a specific time or genre or anything. These are all books I remember that have been major let-downs for me. Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree or your thoughts on some of these books!


Rebel Heart



After a strong heroine, no insta-love, strong characters that make you want to read more, a mind blowing story, and lots of action . . .  get ready to read the sequel that will make you wonder if someone has ever broken a record for the number of stupid mistakes a MC can make in one book.


Yes people. I am serious. I cannot believe this is what I got after Blood Red Road. Effing Saba making the dumbest mistakes that made me think if Saba is actually Saba. And with her brother who was described as a wonderful brother, now he is so rude to her all the time and blaming her for everything! She went through God knows what in the first book to save you! And the writing style . . . it was tolerable in Blood Red Road, but not here. NO.


This was an extreme disappointment. I have never felt so cheated, let-down, and just . . . empty. This book was on my mind for so many days after I read it because it was so bad!





by Veronica Roth


After a whole new world in which a girl grows into such a great character . . . I read about her complaining over her boyfriend problems in the second. I also read about her screwing everyone over because she thought she should happily sacrifice herself for any situation that came into play while ruining everyone else’s life. Because Tris’ sacrifice is more important guys, nothing else. Not this whole . . . revolution thing going on or the Erudite. Tris seriously let me down in the second book, and apparently, people actually loved the second book. I didn’t. I seriously didn’t. I felt really mad when I finished this book because for me, Tris was just complaining and doing what she thought was right under the name of “sacrifice”.


Thankfully, I enjoyed the third book, so overall as a series, I would recommend this!



by Kristen Cashore  


Okay, I had not read Graceling but I had read Fire a couple of years ago. I didn’t really like it that much, but I thought I should give this a try.




I felt so irritated. Like, the first half of the book was Bitterblue walking around at night and talking to a guy named Saf. PUT SOME SUSPICION IN THERE. THERE WAS LITERALLY NOTHING. I didn’t like this book at all, and I was just irritated. Also, I feel like Cashore just pushes the decision that her MC’s can’t get married. I understand that for some cases, but NOT EVERY MC HAS TO STAY SINGLE EVERY TIME. I felt like it was forced on Bitterblue not to get married or anything at the end because Fire didn’t want the same, or apparently, Katsa who I’ve heard about from Graceling didn’t want to either.


I didn’t like this book. It was FAR TOO LONG for the size it was.


Rebel Spring

by Morgan Rhodes 




Okay, so you’re telling me that a King who has all magic and is VERY SMART AND EVIL can have a wine-seller’s son who is a rebel leader sneak in like in two minutes. Literally. I don’t see the magic, if a wine-seller’s son now leader can sneak in.


There’s a guy who likes his own sister. Then he finds out she’s really not his sister, but still. It’s disgusting. I was feeling irritated with every single character while reading this.  


You can give this a try because everyone else was just in love with this series but I was not.



by Anna Davies


Just no. It’s about a girl getting shunned by her whole town. She meets mermaid boy who talks with her. The End. Like . . . the actual climax lasted for two pages. And there: done.


I really didn’t like this book.


Never read this. Ever.  



Red Rising 

by Pierce Brown 


Okay, this book wasn’t necessarily bad. But, I didn’t like it. I felt like the main character was too perfect. And he was idolized before he even made an impact in his world. I felt that way, apparently other people I knew really liked this book.  


It was just the main character that made me feel that Darrow could’ve had more opportunity to grow more than he did. Other than that there was no problem.


I still felt like that it was a major let-down to how Darrow’s character was portrayed. Because I didn’t connect with him or Eo.


You should still give this book a try, though. 


City of Bones 

by Cassandra Clare  


Oh my God. I don’t think I have ever been so let down with a book before. All my friends loved this book, and so I thought, “Why not give this a try?”


Clearly, I need to stop reading books on JUST suggestions and should try to look more into it. I had a lot of expectations in this book. And it let me down.


A lot of people really like the characters personalities, but for me, I just felt like Jace was the cliché bad boy who went through a rough time in his life. Clary is fifteen—but I felt so irritated with the way she acted. She was complaining. And Isabelle or Isabella, I cannot care to remember, was just the average pretty, badass girl. I did not care for any of the characters, and the story line was so much less than I expected.


I didn’t like this. Really. Especially when they suggested Jace and Clary’s relationship was incest . . . I was done. (It’s not though, the incest was a lie)




 by Suzanne Collins  


This was a huge let-down for me. I loved The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and I was hoping this would be the case in which books got better and better. Now, Mockingjay wasn’t completely terrible, but for me, I just could not take it. I felt so agitated and everything. The ending felt abrupt and forced and out of nowhere. And the epilogue . . . oh for love of God!


As a series I would recommend this, but I didn’t like the ending. I don’t even want to know how they’re going to show it in the movie (I’m still going to watch it anyway).



by Meg Cabot


I grew up reading Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries and other books by her which I enjoyed. I had never felt so shocked as to when I read this . . . this was probably one of the biggest let-downs for me—ever. I felt like this was a terrible plot and everything was just . . . I didn’t understand!


Pierce is stupid, and she manages to run away from Death. How do you run away from Death?!


I also didn’t like the way Death was portrayed one bit. It was horrible, and John. Of all names . . . John. I’m not expecting a name like Damien or something, but give it a shot! I would’ve accepted Harold or something. How about Gabriel, or some name related to what John was. That would’ve been fun to read about.


There was no action in this book, and they don’t know anything. John doesn’t even know about his own home. He just knows that everything’s there if you want it to be. And he is SUCH a jerk to Pierce. He threatened to throw her out of a car if she was dating someone! Like . . . you don’t effing own her John!


NOT the kind of love interest I was interested in. This was like reading the beginning of an abusive relationship! Nothing at all what I expected!


The ending was so bad . . . oh God, when Pierce found out how she died. It was really bad, because it was the dumbest thing I had ever read. Period. Ever. 


Apparently, her grandmother tried to kill her by knitting her a scarf that would make her slip and fall into the pool. Pierce figured this out in effing three seconds in the end while thinking.

(show spoiler)




In order to get rid of this shock, I had to re-read Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind.



by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast


I liked Zoey in the first book. But she became my antagonist in this book. I do not even want to talk about her—honestly. She slut shames everyone! And then she goes and dates her teacher and boyfriend at the same time! WHILE there is also a human boy she is shamelessly leading on!


I’m not wasting my time talking about this book. I really liked the first two books, and this one made me stop reading the entire series. I hated this one. BIGGEST LET-DOWN IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF SERIES AFTER Abandon.  


Enough said.


Okay, phew! Thanks for reading this little rant/blog post guys! Like I said before, you can let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree and talk about any of the books above! These apply to only me, of course, but for the ones really bad, I just don’t recommend them—to anyone.


Have a great day, and thanks for reading! :D