Series I Won’t Read Until the Final Installment

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a great evening so far! This was just a quick post that I wanted to write because I felt like it (my best reason, to be honest). Nonetheless, I want to get started because I really want you guys to see some of the great books out there! So without further ado: Series I Won’t Read Until the Final Installment.



There’s no doubt that I’ve been recommended the A Song of Ice and Fire series for a long time. But these books have been written since 1996. I honestly don’t have it in me to wait for like ten years for the rest of the two or three books left in the series to come out. I’m going to forget the plot and forget everything—honestly, I’d rather marathon the entire series and enjoy it and remember it all in one go. And since I’m not reading the books, I will unfortunately not be watching the series adaptation. It’s honestly just my own opinion, not really that people have to do this. It’s just me.




Nothing but good things: that’s all I’ve heard about this series. I was literally dying to read this as soon as I’d heard of this series, and then I went and checked the publication dates of these books—and realized that each book came out after like four to five years. Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with the way the author decides to release her books, but since last year I’ve been keeping track of when these books come out and the order they’re released in. But I can guarantee you! The first day the last book comes out, I will buy the entire series!




This book was one I wanted to read after I read a very convincing review. :) But I went online to check, and they showed that the next book in the—we don’t even know if this is a series, duology, trilogy, quartet, anything—series isn’t coming out until this year or next year.




I’ve read all of Maggie Stiefvator’s books, and from all of them, my least favorite was the Books of Faerie trilogy. And my most favorite, her standalone novel, The Scorpio Races. My friend recommended The Raven Cycle to me when I told her about The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. This book seems like something that I would love to read about, and has a better plot and pacing then some of her previous books (from what I’ve heard). I’m going to marathon this series when the last book comes out!




This book was one of the series I would try to finish in 2015, but when I went to go check it, I realized that the last book hadn’t come out yet. So, I decided to read the Benny Imura series after the last book comes out in September. I’ve heard—once again—great thing about this series, and I think that the greatest thing about this series is that it’s one of those apocalyptic-type books . . . (correct me if I’m wrong, again?) and I’ll enjoy something like this. Because I remember enjoying the Ashes trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick. This seems to have the same atmosphere and theme, so I’m reading this as soon as September comes around!




I read Seraphina like two and a half years ago. The second book just came out recently and I really the first book, but now I don’t even remember what happened. It’s called Shadow Scale and I’m sure that it’s the most amazing thing ever and just as great as the first one, but I’ll re-read Seraphina again when the last book comes out and marathon that series too. I really liked Seraphina though and thought that it was amazing!


And that’s it, guys! The series that I won’t be reading until the final installment. I personally just like to marathon my series and I really don’t like waiting for all my books to come out, just because I know that I’ll forget easily. But still, it’s okay! I’ll wait for all of these lovely books, even if I turn thirty by the time they come out. :)


Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope that you all have a great night! :D