Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss #3)

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day, and this is my review to Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. And this is, unfortunately, the last book in this companion trilogy.


Love ignites in the City That Never Sleeps, but can it last?


Hopeless romantic Isla has had a crush on introspective cartoonist Josh since their first year at the School of America in Paris. And after a chance encounter in Manhattan over the summer, romance might be closer than Isla imagined. But as they begin their senior year back in France, Isla and Josh are forced to confront the challenges every young couple must face, including family drama, uncertainty about their college futures, and the very real possibility of being apart.


Featuring cameos from fan-favorites Anna, Étienne, Lola, and Cricket, this sweet and sexy story of true love—set against the stunning backdrops of New York City, Paris, and Barcelona—is a swoonworthy conclusion to Stephanie Perkins’s beloved series.


First of all: Isla and the Happily Ever After had more french kisses than Anna and the French Kiss did. Period. *mind blown* (< I guess that’s just me?!)


I loved this book! I thought that Isla was really different from Anna and Lola, but I guess that was all a part of character development. The setting was nice, and I liked how they explored Barcelona and everything, but to be honest, it was more the romance I was interested in the first time round.


Isla as a main character wasn’t the best, but at least she can admit this to herself, which does, in a way, make her much better than other main characters that I’ve read about. I thought that Isla was a main character that let her insecurities get to her too much. And because of that, she made really dumb decisions—the only good thing was that I could kind of see where her decisions were coming from.


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I liked Josh! He was awesome! I never had a problem with Josh, and the funny thing was . . . when Anna sees Josh, he’s seems to be a pretty great guy. When Isla sees Josh, however, he becomes like Anna’s Etienne. That was pretty funny to me, throughout the entire book.


Unfortunately, this didn’t really leave room for any other characters to come in to spotlight, besides the meeting up together at the end that happened. But honestly, I was kind of annoyed with Isla how she gave Kurt’s time to Josh was well, even though Josh would suggest a certain number of times how they should all hang out. But once again, Isla gets her stuff together, and all is good again. :D


I thought that the backdrops were pretty good. My favorite would be the way Stephanie Perkins showed Paris in Anna and the French Kiss, though. That was pretty good. Over here, I guess there’s less of that, because Isla has lived in Paris for so long, there was nothing for her to really be amazed about. But we got to see Barcelona! That was pretty cool! :D


Overall, Isla and the Happily Ever After was a pretty great book and a satisfying ending to the series. The only thing I’m sad about is that we can’t really see Isla and Josh from someone else’s perspective because Isla is the one who gets the last book. But. It. Was. Still. So. Adorable.


I would recommend Isla and the Happily Ever After to everyone! I thought it was great, and I was pretty sure that by the book ended, I was going to start crying because I didn’t want this to be the end! It was so adorable!


Thanks for reading, guys, and I hope you all have a great day! :D