January-May Reading Challenge 2015 Wrap Up!

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day, and guess who just completed their Reading Challenge for 2015? *sprays confetti in the air*


I AM PRETTY SURE THIS IS A RECORD OF THE AMOUNT OF BOOKS I’VE READ IN A YEAR SO FAR (and still counting)!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read 51 out of 50 books for my 2015 Reading Challenge! :D


So: NO LIES. This. Is. Every. Single. Book. I’ve. Read. Since. 2015. Started. ARE YOU READDDDDDDDYYYYYYY!!!! *is high on chocolate, sorry*


January 2015


January was a lot things. It was the month is which a lot of series I was reading in 2014 finished. I read some final books in my favorite series in 2015. But, it wasn’t a great reading month for me. I was already pressured from the reading challenges (outside of Booklikes of course) that I’d participated in. So, that was kind of nerve-wrecking. And it did not help the fact that I read a lot of “okay” books for me.


BUT. January was also the month that I started reading graphic novels for the first time!


At the time, I’d finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra *cries* and I was seriously hungover from that amazing series. It was my seventh time watching Avatar all over again, and I’d just finished The Legend of Korra. I am glad I started reading graphic novels, even if I started the Avatarer comic series because the series is based on what happened between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. That was ONE GREAT THING.


AND . . . this has nothing to do with reading; but I started watching anime because of graphic novels! I know, right? Code Geass (I will never, EVER, get over that show. Ever), Kaze No Stigma, Ouran High School Host Club, Akito the Exiled, Peach Girl, and I am currently watching Sword Art Online (Season One is you want to be specific)! :D So THANK YOU Avatar graphic novels for that. :D


February 2015


Unfortunately, due to my busy reading schedule, I wasn’t able to read a lot in February. I only read six books. Even though, they were six books, but nonetheless, I started off February with a beloved: Grave Mercy, my FAVORITE in His Fair Assassin! I went on that month to read Dark Triumph, the second book in that series. And I started off The Grisha trilogy which was actually pretty enjoyable. Another Avatar graphic novel! :D I discovered A.S. King, and she is an amazing writer. :D So, quality over quantity.


March 2015


Honestly, March is what I called my “clean-up month” March was the month in which I looked at the books I’d added into my Booklikes bookshelves, and realized what I read, and what I didn’t read. So I finished a lot of series: the Delirium trilogy, and His Fair Assassin trilogy (by reading the last book). I also finished like two animes (so off topic, I know). BUT, since it was my “clean-up month” I also started as many trilogies as I could: The Infernal Devices, The Curse Workers, The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Winner’s Trilogy, and some more A.S. King! :D BEST READING MONTH OF 2015! :D


April 2015


April, even though an enjoyable reading month, was all the more hectic. I finished two great series: Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Curse Workers! :) Three books I’d read that month turned out to be 2015 releases, even if one of those wasn’t a Most Anticipated, I enjoyed it nonetheless! I finished more than half of my Fantasy TBR in one month! So many books made my favorites! And, I read The Winner’s Crime! :D Great month! :D I would say that March and April were my favorite months.


May 2015


So far: I’ve had another great reading month! I read the Anna and the French Kiss companion trilogy, read the second book in the Mistborn trilogy, and read an okay book! May is also the month I decided to slowly read my Children’s Fiction TBR—this one isn’t a huge stress, TBH. They’re all light reads that I’m reading VERY SLOWLY like one chapter in the morning and one chapter at night. The rest of the day is my “free reading time”! So, great scheduling! :D



Books that Received:

5 stars



4.5 stars




4 stars




3.5 stars



3 stars



2.5 stars



2 stars




1 star



I have not yet updated my challenge, yet! And I’m not sure what to update it to . . . Hmm. One thing I DO want to get into more now is graphic novels! If you guys have any then please do recommend down below, because I’ve been wanting to explore that more! :D

Thanks so much for reading guys, and if you’ve set up a reading challenge for yourself, then good luck!