The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories by Rae Carson

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories[GIRL OF FIRE & THORNS STORIES][Paperback] - RaeCarson

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day and this is my review to The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories by Rae Carson. This is just a bind-up of all the novellas that she’s written in the world of The Girl of Fire and Thorns.


A paperback edition of three novellas set within the world of the New York Times bestselling Girl of Fire and Thorns series, previously available only digitally: The Shadow Cats, The Shattered Mountain, and The King’s Guard.


The Shadow Cats is told from the perspective of Elisa’s older sister. Discover how their sibling rivalry looks from Alodia’s viewpoint, and find out why Alodia agrees to marry her sister off to King Alejandro of Joya de Vega.


The Shattered Mountain revolves around Elisa’s best friend and handmaiden, Mara. Before she meets Elisa at the rebel camp in The Girl of Fire and Thorns, she suffers her own tragedy. Her village is destroyed and she must lead the few young survivors to safety.


The King’s Guard centers on Hector, Commander of the Royal Guard and Elisa’s true love. Set years before The Girl of Fire and Thorns, it shows us fifteen-year-old Hector as a new recruit. He must prove himself—and he discovers a secret he must keep forever.


This bind-up: mindblowing.


If I had to list this in order from most favorite to least favorite would be: The King’s Guard, The Shadow Cats, and then The Shattered Mountain.


I guess I’ll talk about each novella separately:


The Shadow Cats is the first novella in the bind-up series. I liked this a lot. Mostly because it was funny to read how Alodia thinks. And she has her moments. But it was also so different, because, people, our badass Queen Elisa is completely useless from Alodia’s point of view! But in The Girl of Fire of Thorns we see that Elisa isn’t useless.


The Shattered Mountain is the second novella in the bind-up series. I liked this one, because I felt that Mara was always a strong. It was great to see her lead, and her backstory was so sad.:D


The King’s Guard is the final story in the bind-up. THIS IS MY FAVORITE OUT OF ALL OF THEM! I loved Hector, and I can tell that he’s the same person in The Girl of Fire and Thorns and just as loyal—as always! If Hector and Elisa weren’t married then I would’ve taken him.


Obviously if you’re a fan of this series then you’ll love this! I loved all the stories and the way they were written! So now I’m officially caught up on everything Rae Carson has ever written and am pumped up for her next book! :D :D :D


Thanks for reading! Until the next one! :D