Tips for Getting Through Big Books :D

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a great day and this is my little post about big books. :D

I’ve recently been in quite the reading storm! I’ve read a lot of books so far this month when I expected to get through around only five. :D


Right now I’ve been looking at my TBR and a lot of the books that I’ve been planning to read are quite the biggie. :/


Some big books that I’ve read:



I guess half of you are rolling your eyes now because this is like your daily reading . . .


Some big books that I may be reading soon (by soon I mean in the future in my lifetime):



One of the books above is 800 pages (pumped up for WINTER!!!)


Usually, if a book is big, I like to read it as an ebook. Because then I can’t see the physical size and be more intimidated. And, it’s nice to see the progress bar every once in a while go up a notch. :D


But. If the book is part of a series that I’m invested in; then I don’t mind a physical copy (WINTERRRRR). :D Or, if it’s a standalone (FANGIRRRLLL) . :D


So, here are some little tips that I have:


Try to give yourself a certain time of day for reading. What I mean by this, is instead of reading this book in your free time, give the book a time of your day! Try half an hour of reading first thing in the morning and half an hour of reading before bed. Maybe you’d like to read for an hour before you’re sleeping. Maybe if you take the bus often, you have a while to read. Just try to fit the book in your schedule because, it’s easier to know you’re going to get reading done that day.


Try to read the book in a different format that’s not a physical copy (or others). I like to read big books as an ebook, because I don’t look at the physical copy and be like . . . damn, that’s nothing! Maybe you’d prefer to listen to the book instead! :D


Try to get the book in different formats at the same time. I, personally, do not like this. But, I have a couple of friends who do this. Get the book in ebook, audiobook, and physical format (are you starting to see why I don’t like this or why my friends might?!) You’d be surprised how much my friends get through a book at the end of the day.


My one friend has this thing where she reads the book for half an hour every morning.


The same one friend has to drive for an hour and a half straight twice a week. So, when she’s in the car, she gets nauseous while reading in the car. So, she’ll go to her certain progress and listen to this audiobook. When she goes home and reads for half an hour before going to bed, she tells me how relieving it is to skip the pages she’s already “read” and read more than she thought she would.


I, do not like this, but if you want to try, then go ahead! :D


Try reading one hundred pages a day. This is what I like to do. A lot. I like to read one hundred pages of the big book everyday! Imagine you have an 800-paged book. You’re going to finish it in eight days! Just over a week (which isn’t that bad to be honest)!


Before I started doing this, it’d take me so long to finish big books because the question would be: “how long will it take to finish this?!” BUT, with this method I won’t have to read a lot because it takes me around 45 minutes to read a hundred pages (approx.) so it’s not like I’m reading too much in one day! :D


AND, you can tell how many days you have to finish the book. :D


Try dividing the book into “sections”. Decide how many days you want to spend on this book. A week? Ten days? Five days? Six? Eight? This is for you to decide. Let’s say you want to finish this book in eight days. :D Let’s say you have 650 pages and it’s intimidating for you. :D


Divide 650 pages by 8 days (I cannot believe I’m doing this . . . are you guys leaving the post now? Crap.) The exact answer is 81.25. So . . . just read 81 pages a day. Of course, let’s say that page 81 is in the middle of a chapter, then just mark the section where the chapter has finished, so you might be reading more than 81, sometimes. BUT, it’s another good thing because you’re reading more! :D Then the small sections will feel like an accomplishment! :D


If you have less chapters with more pages, read a chapter or two a day. I’ve read 600-paged books with 24 chapters. If I read two chapters a day, then I’ll finish the book in 12 days. Or, if I read three chapters a day, I’ll finish the book in 8 days. :D Divide your chapters . . . if you don’t want to divide your pages. Did I just add more math into literature?! *facepalm* I SWEAR THIS POST WAS MEANT TO MAKE YOUR READING LIFE EASIER!!!



Don’t force yourself to read big books in the first place. Maybe you really want to read it now. DO NOT READ BIG BOOKS IN READING SLUMPS. Seriously, I’ve tried and:

    Reaction Girl animated GIF

It took me a while to get out of my stupidly extended reading slump. Three months, to be exact. *cringes again for the hundredth time* I forced myself to read these two big books about two years ago. BACK TO EFFING BACK. And I really wished I hadn’t. If you don’t want to read big books, then DON’T. You can’t force yourself to read big books, you’re going to end up reading it very slowly and then forgetting it (while reading). OR, putting yourself in a slump. OR. DNFing it, and feeling even worse for not finishing it.


I don’t think that big books aren’t for readers. I just think that readers need a boost, and if you want to try some of the tips above, you’ll see that reading big books isn’t as intimidating. :D


Thanks for reading guys! I hope this post helped you a bit, or made you inspired to read big books. Let me know what you think about some of these tips below, OR suggest more tips. And, as always, share your thoughts! :D


Until the next one! :D