About NerdyBirdie

Hi guys! Hope y’all enjoying your day so far! Everyone is doing this post, so I thought, why not me? I wasn’t going to do this because I already did the Get to Know Me post, but I’ll just do another get to know me again . . .


Hi, I’m just going to call myself NerdyBirdie. I live in a fairly small town where there suburbs everywhere in snowy Canada. I live on the border between a small city (the town I actually live in) and a big city.


The only time it doesn’t snow 100% at all is during June all the way to November. Some years. Otherwise from December to March it’s all snow. And in the months is doesn’t snow, we wear our coats for the freezing winds. But I love it.:D


I really love swimming! I swim A LOT during the summer. I also walk to my friend’s houses everyday (in the summer). I have only two friends that obsess over books with me! But, three people are more than enough to love books with. :D When I usually walk home from my friend’s houses, I stop by my local library, return one book and then pick up three more . . .


I have a passion for music! I play both piano and flute, and I love them both. :D


I’m really interested in studying Corporate Law! I like both Business, Law, and Philosophy so I wouldn’t mind. :D


I like to think I’m a feminist (don’t all girls?). I firmly believe that before someone marries or decides to be with someone else, they should be independent and can provide for themselves without relying on someone else, because you’re with someone because you want to be, not because you need to be. I guess my thinking makes me more self-independent and stubborn, but oh well.


I am pretty careful in what I say, and I usually don’t like to give my opinion on things unless I feel like it. People who don’t know me make the mistake of thinking that I am a quiet person. I talk. A LOT. My friends know I’m having a bad day when I haven’t made their ears bleed. XD


I also like to eat a lot. And by that, I mean trying new foods! If I haven’t eaten anything yet, I’ll want to try it. Except for the fact that I am very picky with tomatoes. I like them in salsa and cut in beans but I don’t like them in soups. I don’t mind tomatoes in pizza, but I don’t like them in burritos . . . I know, I’m weird about that.


Thanks for reading my little post-y thing, everyone! Hope you have a great day!