Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch (Snow Like Ashes #1)

Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch

No matter what happens, no matter who turns on me, no matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me, I am still me. I will always be me.

For those of you that have no expectations whatsoever about Snow Like Ashes, I think you will enjoy this book more than people who had quite high expectations from this book. I. LOVED. THIS. There were some things that couldn’t really let me give this a 5 star rating, but honestly, who cares? I still loved this!


From the premise of the story, I was already really intrigued by this world. From past reviews I’ve read, people said that there was way too much info-dumping. So, when I went into this, I literally got out my notebook to take notes on this. I’m not lying. So, imagine to my surprise when I understood everything perfectly! :D


Meira is an unforgettable character, and she made this story a thousand times better. Meira reminded me what it was like when a character isn’t stubborn—they’re fiercely determined. Meira is probably one of the most practical characters I’ve read about this year.

I drop a curtsy and turn away from their assessments, making for the terrace doors. Let them think whatever they like. Let them conspire and say horrible things about me. This isn’t my kingdom.

She doesn’t make herself sound like she’s arrogant, Meira was a different character that was extremely refreshing. She was a blend of fierce, sassy, and sometimes she added humor in the perfect situations. :D But at the same time she grew so much and actually learned from past mistakes and situations.

“Should we hug or something?”

Sir rolls his eyes. “Get your weapon. We head for Cordell.”

The setting of this story is probably the most hardest aspect, because there are eight kingdoms: four fall under the Seasons and four fall under the Rhythm kingdoms. There are eight conduits (as described) that each have an object that wields power. Each kingdom has it’s king or queen—both in other cases. There are some things to keep track of, but it’s not difficult to be honest.


The pacing of this story felt extremely fast for me, and I loved the way how unexpected things kept on happening! The plot ended up connecting so well together!


Believe it or not, I figured out some of the major “plot twists”, and if you have read Snow Like Ashes, then let me know below if you saw any of these coming or not! So, I figured out:

One: I knew Meira was related to Hannah in some way when she found out that people could also be hosts. I knew there was a reason Hannah was talking to Meira but not Mather. Also, in the flashbacks, they show the baby’s hand, but then if Sir and Allyson had to say they’d hide the truth, then why would everyone know that Mather is Hannah’s son? I had a feeling something was off with that. If Mather would’ve been Hannah’s son then he would’ve been able to do something with the magic.

(show spoiler)


I KNOW I FEEL SO GENIOUS RIGHT NOW. Believe it or not guys this is the first time I’ve seen a plot twist coming so I feel very proud. XD. I know . . . I know . . .


Overall, Snow Like Ashes is a book that took me quite by surprise. I think the reason was that I went into this book expecting to hate it or be really disappointed or something. I really loved the main character!  And the fantasy world, although a bit overwhelming at first was really unique after you learn more about it. This story is so fast-paced and fun!


Thanks for reading my review everyone! Hope you have a great day and until the next one!


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