An Extremely Weird Note

Just so you guys know, I just went through all your profiles and tried to add you on Goodreads because I was extremely bored and realized that my accounts were very different.


Also, I always do reading progresses on Goodreads because I have the app on my phone! I've been EXTREMELY busy lately, so I feel like I haven't been able to actually just sit down on the computer for Booklikes! Since I have an app with Goodreads, I might be a little more active there for a while (even if I post A LOT of more things here . . . ) and it'll be easier for me to keep in touch with my . . . reading life?


Let me know below if I haven't added you already! It's probably because when I was stalking searching you I couldn't find a link to your Goodreads profile! Let me know below by sending me your Goodreads profile link or click here to add me as a friend! :D


Thanks for reading this quick update everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your reading! :D