Rebel Wing Trilogy by Tracy Banghart



Hey guys, I hope you're all having a great day, and this is a random post update thing-y.


I'm not sure who it was on BookLikes, but SOMEONE really recommended this series to people who like reading about girl-pretends-to-be-boy and kicks a heck lot of butt! I've heard that this isn't really all romance-y it's more on the character growth.


Although I'm not sure who mentioned this series I DO know that I have been vigorously keeping track of this as much as I could and FINALLY the last book came out so I can finally start this!


If any of you think you've mentioned this can you please just message me some questions I have?


(1) Is this series self-published?


(2) Are there any physical copies of this book anywhere?


(3) Will this series take a long time to read?


Thanks for reading this small post thing guys, and sorry if you weren't the one who mentioned it!