The Elite by Kiera Cass (The Selection #2)

The Elite - Kiera Cass

I cannot decide what I liked about this series! Maybe it’s the story, or the overall dramatic feel to it. Maybe the fact that it reminds me about reality TV? I don’t know, although this series is thoroughly enjoyable, it isn’t really the best I’ve ever read.


I think the thing that won’t let me give this book a five star rating is America Singer. If I had to give this book a rating based on America’s character, then this book wouldn’t even get a star because she’s so damn frustrating! I swear, if I were America Singer, I’d probably not even have half of the fights that she did with Maxon!


America Singer is told by someone that she needs to keep a secret. Then they do something to hurt her feelings like:

when she makes out with Aspen after talking with Maxon, it’s okay. But when Maxon does the same, it is automatic betrayal.

(show spoiler)

So instead, America Singer gets so upset she thinks it is perfectly okay to blurt out that secret and have them embarrassed because she was mad.

Could I not hate whoever Maxon ended up with if I chose Aspen? Could I not hate whoever Aspen chose if I stayed with Maxon?

Slap Bitch Slap animated GIF


Like, why the eff is this even a question?! I hate how America expects the entire world to revolve around her! If she rejects Maxon or Aspen, what gives her the right to hate on the girl the other chooses after she rejects the guy herself?


Nonetheless there were things that I did like about The Elite. The competition itself is turning extremely fierce, so that has me on the edge of my seat! I am rooting for Kriss however, she’s my favorite! Another thing I liked was that the Elite were given a lot of challenges to prove how they would treat their title as Queen, which I liked, because even though the Prince needs to choose a candidate it should be based also on who would actually stand by him during the actual reign.


One thing I was slightly disappointed by were the rebels. Throughout the book, there were many instances where America would mention the dangers inside the palace and the rebel attacks. But then, the one encounter I thought would be really . . . nerve-wracking? It just turns out that:

the rebels only want books? I don’t know, that kind of felt like a downer to me.

(show spoiler)


Below in the spoiler-y section are some of my thoughts on some parts of the book!

Okay, so first off, I am glad that Marlee and Carter ended up together! Also, I had complete faith in Maxon (even when America didn’t)!


Second, did you guys notice the rebels started stealing books after America tells her Dad that diaries of Gregory exist?! I didn’t realize it at first, but I noticed it later when America mentioned something about not really keeping her promise about the diaries from her father! I REALLY hope someone was just spying on them and not what I’m thinking!

(show spoiler)


Overall, The Elite, although better than The Selection was probably more of America making up a whole bunch of jumbled decisions! I did like the political side and the competition that’s happening now, but I feel like we need to see more on the rebels. I would recommend this, once again, for those of you who want something light and fluffy to read. This is the perfect series for that!


Thanks for reading my review everyone and until the next one! :D