The One by Keira Cass (The Selection #3)

The One - Kiera Cass

W-O-W. I managed to finish this in one day, and I’m trying to use my self control not to put The Heir on hold right now, because I have many other books that need to be read.


I can’t believe it, I was literally walking and reading pages of this! What is wrong with me?!


Okay, I think I should start my review now. Of course, when I first started The One, I was convinced that it would simply be about America’s choice and who she wanted to be with. It was what I had prepared myself for, so you can expect how I was blown away when this book actually had a deeper meaning and a characteristic plot. Yeah, I know.


In this book, I wasn’t really annoyed with America, I think she actually got her act together and became mature. I was so thankful for that. Because it shows that she’s learned something from the Selection overall. I was happy that from the beginning of this book, she knew what she wanted. And through the other “tests” it was great to see her determination and how she managed to maneuver her way instead of doing stupid things in the last book. Great job, America!


And, I actually really liked Aspen?! Like, when did that happen. And I liked Aspen as who he was, not really as a love interest, so I’m glad we get to see the “devotion” and stuff America’s been crying about ever since The Selection.


I am glad some issues that were resolved. Although I felt that Celeste becoming suddenly good seemed way too convenient for America, whatever. And the thing where she would always manage to get away from the King’s intentions towards kicking her out.


I will say that I KNEW something was off with America’s dad. But once again, it felt like a let down that we found out about this stuff after America’s dad dies—like, what?! I loved him—and then America never really mentions it to Maxon? I’m not sure . . . I mean, he is dead. And since they’re King and Queen now I guess they’re aligned with the Northern rebels anyway?


And I can’t believe Celeste ended up becoming good only to die in the end! Anne dies in the end, even though she liked Aspen just so he would end up with Lucy (not that I have a problem with that . . .)! Forget that, Queen Amberly dies. I know, she was the one character I had absolutely no problems with and then She. Just. Dies.


I knew something was going to happen at the end because well, Maxon and America obviously had to happen!

(show spoiler)


Overall, The One is a fairy tale ending and a dramatic book if you’re hoping to read this! It is once again, as I say for every book, a fluffy book. I wasn’t sure how it would wrap up, but it was addicting. I will, once again say: you want something nice, fluffy, and quick to read? Pick this series up!


Thanks for reading my review guys, and hope you all have a great day! :D