Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

Hmm, just recently I’ve decided that I’m going to read Rainbow Rowell. For some reason, I chose to start off with Landline, which is her most recent release. I decided to go into this book not really knowing anything. But after the first couple of chapters, it was pretty obvious where this story might go.


I was expecting quite a lot, though.


I’d heard so much about the humor in this book, and I do agree that at some moments, Georgie was pretty funny! I didn’t really see the chemistry in Neal and Georgie’s relationship for a LONG time. The only time I started to feel their chemistry was probably towards the very end of the book.


The parts of the book where Georgie had to work on her show. Like, Georgie, your husband went alone so that you could work on show. So, work on the damn show! She wrote something for Jeff’d Up and then after I never really heard of Georgie putting effort into her show. It was more of her going into flashbacks with Neal and then having Seth tell her what a jerk Neal is (in present and flashback).


I understood that Seth was her friend, but personally, he just seemed whiny to me. And let’s not mention the fact that at the very end, when we needed no problems:

Seth decides to claim his love for Georgie. Like, why? Why did he have to do that? Couldn’t he just leave Georgie alone for once and try not to make her feel pressured, and what perfect timing than when she’s leaving for the airport for Neal and the kids in Omaha . . .

(show spoiler)


I felt like this book was okay. At some parts I remember feeling very bored, but there was one thing that did push me forward to read this. And it has to be the conversations and dialogue. I LOVED the talking in this book, and thankfully this book has plenty.


There were moments where I just put this book down in the middle of a paragraph because I wasn’t really interested or invested of where this story was going. The ending was very cute though!


Overall, Landline was a book that had an interesting premise that I feel like could’ve been executed better. There is great dialogue in this, and it does get more interesting towards the end. I’m not going to recommend this, because I feel like fans of Rainbow Rowell should just check it out for themselves. You might not enjoy this if you’re not a fan of Rainbow Rowell already.


Thanks for reading my review everyone and until the next one! :D