Goliath by Scott Westerfeld (Leviathan #3)

Goliath - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson

Okay, wow.


This book was an amazing conclusion to the series! After I put this book down, I felt like a little kid who’d eaten more chocolate than considered legal and now has a terrible stomach-ache! Or, you know, aka, book hangover.


Like I’ve said before: my favorite thing about this series is it’s world building. The way it’s intricately described, and the way Keith Thompson manages to illustrate such amazing pictures (which get better and more detailed with every installment) makes you wonder, “How?! How is this amazingness even damn possible?!”


As usual, I’ll just say it. You have a set stage, the props are amazing. You have the great cast and a span of main characters. And then there’s the star of the show—YOUR star to be specific. The one that you bought your ticket for! For me, that star is Deryn Sharp. Forever and always (actually, Bovril is pretty close as well).


I liked the political tactic and intrigue behind the premise of this book! It felt like you could trust no one at a certain time in the book, and I LOVED it!


It seems like Scott Westerfeld explores a lot of unknown ground in the build-up/beginning in the first World War. Well, at least for me. He manages to take real characters that I didn’t really know about and turn them into such important parts of Deryn and Alek’s world! And I liked how he clarifies this fact at the end, so you can see how these characters played out in the real world. :D


Personally, I still was weirded out by Alek’s “my destiny” because I agree more with Dylan about how your destiny is in your hands, but whatever. Alek at least got over that in the ending, because my oh my, did he shine at the end (literally . . . almost *winky face*)!


I liked how the Goliath itself was a really big deal in this book! With the previous book, Behemoth, we saw how the Behemoth was meant to be a peace kind of trade, but we never really saw much of it. I feel like in this book, the Goliath was much more involved.




Overall, Goliath, is the stunning conclusion to a great series! You will find an attachment to the characters, and the world-building that is highly ambitious but made stunning with the illustrations by Thompson! I think all fans of alternate history should read this! This is a great series that everyone should try out!


Thanks for reading my review everyone, and until the next one! :D