P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2)

P.S. I Still Love You - Jenny Han

I frown. The non-dating type? What kind of type is that? A little mushroom who sits at home in a semidark room growing moss?

Hmm . . . this book.


Like, what?


*pauses* *thinks for ten minutes* *continues writing*


I had no expectations from this book after To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but I will say that P.S. I Still Love You is a major improvement and talks about really important things that I think everyone should read about.

“Whoever you should choose to partake in that enjoyment, that is your choice, and choose wisely. Every man that ever got to touch me was afforded an honor. A privilege.” Stormy waves her hand over me. “All this? It’s a privilege to worship at this temple, do you understand my meaning? Not just any young fool can approach the throne. Remember my words, Lara Jean. You decide who, how far, and how often, if ever.

At the beginning of this book, an issue comes up which affects Lara Jean’s life. And personally, I’m glad that she handled that part really well! That’s what got my hopes up for this book in the first place! Also, the double standard issue talked about in this book was really important for me, at least. I’m being real. This is literally majority right now: guy sleeps around: player; a girl sleeps around: slut. She’s not a “player”, why? I have no idea. Ask people who quote this.


So, it was great to see the support from the characters in this book.


Another thing I liked was the family aspect of this book! In the previous book, I was annoyed (a lot) at how Lara Jean’s sister relationships were shown because I thought it revolved too much around romance. In this one though, I saw the relationship of the Song sisters really well! I love the Margot-Lara Jean-Kitty trio, and I can see them sticking together no matter what!

But then she says, “What if we use our cookie cutter to make heart-shaped pancakes instead? And put in red food coloring?”


I beam at her. “Attagirl!” So maybe she’s got a little bit of me in her after all.


Kitty continues. “We could put red food coloring in the syrup, too, to make it look like blood. A bloody heart!”


No, never mind. Kitty is all her own.

In other books (mostly contemporary, in my opinion), usually the parent is obviously absent from the child’s life. But I really liked how involved they showed Lara Jean’s dad with their life, even after all the issues that happened!


While the relationship aspect of this book isn’t my favorite (will be talked about in spoilers), I think that I still thoroughly enjoyed this book overall!


So basically, this book opens up with Lara Jean and Peter getting back together. They’re fine and then the video of them making out in the hottub—I think that’s what made it blow up in the first place: hot tub romance—blows up around school. People are making memes out of it, and showing it to everyone else.


I expected Lara Jean to cry it all out, so you can expect my reaction when she actually handled the situation pretty well.


They all meet up again to have the time capsule party. Lara Jean decides later on she wants to break up with Peter because, he was there for Genevieve when a friend needed him? So, they fight, and then we meet John Ambrose McClaren. I was rooting for him by the way. The entire damn book.


Then we move on. And in the middle-ish part of the book Lara Jean and Peter break up. Over what? Genevieve. So basically, we see that Peter misses a lacrosse game—Peter never misses a game, so Lara Jean is already losing her senses on the floor—and then she sees him comforting Genevieve. So what does she think? Genevieve's his number one girl.


Peter, who is starting to annoy me at this point, takes back the Valentine’s necklace he gave Lara Jean—the only proper gift he gave her, by the way, since the poem was an Edgar Alan Po rip off—and then thinks it’s okay for Genevieve to post the video of them in the hottub making out because her dad’s a pedophile? I don’t know, but no family issue justifies ruining someone’s friend’s reputation. And she posted the video in the school assembly. Genevieve deserves to cry by herself. Peter should just leave her alone.


And then, suddenly, when John gives Lara Jean a snow globe (her birthday present), from when they spent that night playing out in the snow, and Peter effing comes out of nowhere saying he’ll take her back? When he never even talked to her the morning he saw her?! And Lara Jean takes that crap from him? And then in the end, when John tells her he’ll wait for her she gets back with Peter.


LIKE WHAT?! And it ends RIGHT. THERE. Like, Johnny boy is waiting. But we’re all going to watch Peter and Lara Jean have a happily ever after.

(show spoiler)


Overall, P.S. I Still Love You is a great book that really shows things about family, friendships, relationships, and that being confused or stuck is okay! I think that anyone who wants to read this without the romance would still enjoy this book!


Thanks for reading my review everyone, and hope you have a great day! Until the next one!