Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word - Tamara Ireland Stone

I really wanted to love this book. It was hyped up, and I guess I could see why, but at the same time, as a person who knows someone that has OCD, it just seemed kind of unrealistic. I’m not saying that this book was bad. This book was done better than others, thankfully this issue wasn’t highly romanticized, but it could’ve been a little better.


From this story we know that there’s a girl named Samantha. Samantha has been diagnosed with OCD since the age of nine or ten. Ever since then she’s kept it a secret.


This part of the book, I wasn’t exactly amazed with. I do know a couple of people who have OCD. When a really old friend of mine moved to a new school, the first thing that was done was that all of her teachers and the guidance counsellors were notified. She did have to go to the guidance counsellor at times, and she used to have to go to bed really early so that she could actually get a full night’s sleep.


I don’t understand how Samantha possibly could’ve hidden this from everyone except for a person she sees every Wednesday. Since she was ten. That would be the age where everyone involved in important aspects of her life would be notified. It doesn’t work that way . . .


Also, there is bullying mentioned here. I wasn’t the biggest fan of that either. Samantha had herself participated in the bullying, but I felt like AJ had just forgiven her way too quickly. On top of that she had a problem herself and she bullied another kid because they had a stutter. I felt like she wasn’t really remorseful, it was just her OCD.


Also, the whole thing with Samantha being involved with the Mean Girls . . . *sighs and slumps* But it was great to see that at a point, their friendship really mattered. I guess. Sort of.


One thing I liked was the idea and concept of the poetry group! It was great to see a student body form together like that and manage to be supportive based on their interests and talents! :D I also liked how it took Samantha a while to adjust into this new group! I would like something like that, only I’d probably die of stage fright.


This book felt accurate in some things and not in others. Things such as the medication, therapy, mental exercises, and not being used to immediate adjustments was done pretty well! There were some things that put me off though.


Personally, I just wasn’t a fan of Caroline being a real person that Samantha consciously made up in her head. I don’t know, it was probably just me, but I read the last quarter of this book when I had a migraine, so I was probably just getting irritated over small things I don’t usually get upset over.

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Overall, Every Last Word is a book you should pick up, because I feel like this is a book that is probably the most accurate I’ve read on OCD. If you’re looking for something informative but in a good way, you may want to check this out!


Thanks for reading my review everyone, and hope you all have a great day! Until the next one! :D