The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead (Bloodlines #2)

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

I am trying so hard not to put The Indigo Spell on hold right now. It’s right there! It is! I swear, all I have to do is press the Request button and I’ll get a call tomorrow saying that my baby this book is waiting for me.


I did enjoy the second book a LOT more than the first! As you guys know, I only read Vampire Academy to read Bloodlines and am I hell as glad that I did—another great thing, I fell in love with that series too!—but I feel like I will equally love Vampire Academy and Bloodlines for different reasons in my heart.


This book had more than enough of everything. There was romance, there was the paranormal part of this, there was a good insight of the other characters from Vampire Academy! I loved everything about this!


The only thing that wouldn’t let me give this book a five star rating has to be Sydney. I love her, but it is extremely difficult to connect with her. In situations where she uses her abilities, I can connect with her, but when it comes to her “shaking uncontrollably” because she can’t handle Moroi magic, it makes me annoyed.


On top of that, she refuses to accept that humans are delving into magic. Sydney, sweetheart, stop. How can Alchemists even be disgusted by vampires if they are ready to take their blood themselves? Isn’t it kind of selfish how the Alchemists are using her?


Also, I didn’t really like Jill in this book. She felt really whiny to me, and she really didn’t know what she wanted. Everyone had warned her that a relationship with a human could end up going too far and then when she does listen to them it is too late. I understand that she’s just found out that she’s with the Dragomir line and everything, but it kind of annoys me how she’ll do stupid things and then expect Sydney to magically take care of everything for her!


I will say, I don’t feel the Jill and Adrian bond in this series. I mean, I know they have one. I just feel like the Lissa-Rose bond were done much better. Maybe it’s because we saw the bond from Rose’s point of view . . . ? I’m not sure.


Also, I have a theory with Jill’s whole “dreamy-talk” with Sydney. From Vampire Academy we know that Rose used to feel Lissa’s anger through the bond. And so when she would become angry she would lash out Lissa’s anger. So maybe when Jill talks to Sydney all star-struck, maybe it’s Adrian’s affection that’s leaking out of the bond?


Also, I knew from the beginning that something was wrong with Trey from the way that they would show how bruised up he would get. It was obvious he had something to do with the hunters, especially with the tattoo on his back.


I’m not sure how I feel about the Adrian-Sydney relationship dynamic! It is very unexpected! Although I am going to say that I did see it coming, and I don’t think that Brayden-Sydney-Adrian are a love triangle because Sydney never had any actual feelings for him!

(show spoiler)


Overall, The Golden Lily was a much better read than Bloodlines, but I am going to give this one the same rating because the characters didn’t really feel the same to me in this one. If you want to check this series out, I would say that reading Vampire Academy seems kind of mandatory to me because a lot of the things that happen in this book are after the events of the previous series.


Thanks for reading my review everyone! Hope you have a  great day and until the next one!