The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent (The Stars Never Rise #1)

The Stars Never Rise - Rachel Vincent

Not the most perfect book but definitely one of the most enjoyable that I’ve read in a long time!


I didn’t think that urban-fantasy/dystopian would be a good combination because I’ve never quite read one that really worked for me! But this combination is fantastic.


Nina Kane is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in New Temperance, one of the towns in demon-savaged America. She will do anything to protect her fifteen-year-old sister, Melanie. She has to resort to terrible situations to provide for her sister and herself since their mom is a druggie who leaves at night, arrives at dawn, and then sleeps the rest of the day away without taking care of Nina or Melanie. Then one day, Melanie makes a mistake that forces them on the run. :D


I enjoyed this so much that this book was difficult to put down. I went to the doctor’s office? I read there. I had free time? I read this.


Of course, the thing I loved about this story was how realistic it showed Nina’s life. Of course, I’d gotten a bit worried in the middle because of the direction I’d thought the story was starting to go in, but the romance went in a direction that didn’t interfere with the main plot of the story, so I was okay with it in the end, and hopefully it stays in the same manner in the next books! :D


I thought that Nina as a main character was awesome because later on in the book she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do and how to do it. Nina ends up kicking serious butt, and I felt so proud of her, because even if she had a bad past, she came such a long way! I can’t wait to see it in the rest of the series!


Nina and Melanie were ready to die for one another. And in parts of the book that they weren’t together you could still see their relationship strengths! :D

All the side characters were fun and had distinct personalities! Devi—who I had a problem with a first because I thought she was the typical female character to hate someone for no reason, but she’s great—is the smartest! Reese is the funny one! Maddock is the great friend and extremely loyal! :D


Overall, The Stars Never Rise is a great first in a series! The twists and stuff can be unexpected in some cases and not in others. If you want a great book to read with a great  main character, great side characters, and sisters ready to die for one another then read this!


Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day! Until the next one! :D