White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L Armentrout (The Dark Elements #1)

White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Aww, man, I really wanted to love this one! Well, you know, considering this is my first Jennifer L. Armentrout book.


I don’t know. I thought it was okay, but other than that, this one didn’t really stick out to me.


I mean, the concept of demons and gargoyles—yeah, gargoyles—was really intriguing, but other than that, this book couldn’t really keep me flipping the pages fast enough. I mean, I finished it in one day, but when I finished it, I didn’t really care how it ended.

Unlike other Wardens, I couldn’t shed human skin and kick major behind, but hair-pulling flipped my bitch switch like no one’s business.

And oh my God, I could not stop laughing at this because it was so ridiculous.

I looked up, meeting Roth’s stunned gaze. “What? I can throw a punch.”

One thing I was told was how kick-butt Layla is. The only time she kicks butt is like in the very ending, where I was expecting nothing anymore because I was purely annoyed. Another thing, she’s so typical “I’m not pretty” I didn’t hate it, but I was honestly just bored. Oh, and the typical best friend who’s only in the story to add spice to the main character’s love life. Ugh.


Yeah, I mean, I was expecting a lot more than I ended up getting from this book. But, eh, there’s another one, and these books are really fast and quick reads. I mean, even if it gets really weird at times with the whole “love triangle.” *fumes*

Zayne’s grip relaxed. “Shut up.”


Roth came to his feet fluidly. “I don’t think I like your tone.”


“And I don’t like your face,” Zayne returned.

Does it matter, guys?! Oh, and obviously Layla should be with Roth, because I like him. He actually listens and doesn’t act impulsively. So, he won’t get everyone killed.


Overall, White Hot Kiss, is an okay first book. I was expecting more, but it wasn’t bad. It was okay, even if I found myself rolling my eyes a lot in the book, but whatever. It’s a quick story, easy world to understand, and easy to read. If you’re a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout, then go pick this up! :D


Thanks for reading my review everyone, have a great day! Until the next one! :D