Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements #2)

Stone Cold Touch - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Well, this book was much better than the first! While this book was pretty predictable I think I enjoyed this book more because I was used to the writing style and pace of this one!


Stone Cold Touch starts off two weeks where White Hot Kiss ended off. I’d thought that Roth would show up near the middle/end kind of phase, but he actually came a couple of chapters in!

I had a feeling that he would do the whole “whatever happened between us was just for fun and we’re not really together” act and I knew that someone would’ve done something for him to say that! Of course, I didn’t expect it to be Abbot, because I kind of liked him from White Hot Kiss!

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There was this whole thing of where the Lilin came from, and why they were there. I’d like to say that I was right because

I’d assumed that it WASN’T Layla that was the problem, it had to be something else, otherwise why would there be a cocoon in the underground basement?! And, HOW THE EFF DID LAYLA NOT SEE THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH SAM! I loved Sam and Stacey and now it annoys me because Sam is gone and Stacy is left all alone . . . ugh.

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In White Hot Kiss I didn’t care about Zayne but now I think he’s okay. I mean, I’m still Team Roth, because, uh, Roth. So, yep.


And OMG. I have so many thoughts on the ending!


So, first off: I knew Bambi had something to do with Layla’s change in power. I knew it. From the second she found out she was able to kiss Zayne and then Zayne’s soul was sucked the time Bambi diffused from her, I knew it was Bambi.


Also, I knew it wasn’t Layla that was the Lilin like everyone was thinking. The Warden’s just didn’t put any effort into it because they’re lazy as eff and probably just wanted to get rid of her.


That scene where Layla stopped Roth from killing Abbot. You know? I was extremely sad when Abbot just beat Layla up and then treated her so badly after Zayne kissed her and got his soul sucked—legit abusive torture, I’m not even joking—and then, I couldn’t find myself wanting to hate him because I wanted so badly for him to be the father figure in Layla’s life! But, unfortunately, poo hit the fan so no. What happened, happened.

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Overall, just like The Selection, you want your next guilty pleasure read? This is the next book for you to pick up! The Dark Elements series, although mixed in with urban fantasy, it pretty light. It has a fun tone and the writing style was more enjoyable in this book than the first!


Thanks for reading my review everyone, and hope you have a great day! Until the next one!