Tropes I Hate | Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey, who usually does her videos on YouTube and has a Goodreads page for this where you can join if you’d like by clicking here! Basically we have a topic every week related to books and you choose your top five! This is done every Wednesday!


I am so sorry I did not post this yesterday. Yesterday was a really busy day, so I left really early and came back really late. But, here you go!


So, this week’s video is Tropes I Hate!


Hmm, it was quite easy for me to choose my number five and my number one, but for the middle it was quite annoying for me to decide which ones I hated more. So, after many struggles of numbering and crossing out these five tropes, let us go on it with it, then! :D


(5) The Special Snowflake


This is really vague. This trope is when our main character is the “chosen one” or “unique one” or “the lost heir to the throne,” you know, like, every YA book out there. But, I decided to put this as number five because I feel like this can pulled off either very well or very bad.


Some examples that I liked: The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Throne of Glass, Snow Like Ashes, White Cat, and Harry Potter.


Some examples that I didn’t like: Divergent, Falling Kingdoms, and Bitterblue.


(4) Best Friends in a Love Triangle


This trope can go both ways. But, the end result is the same.


The first way is basically when our main character is in love with his/her best friend and their feelings are one-sided. But, oh! Suddenly, when the love interest that we all are seriously rooting for comes along, then our best friend decides he/she also loves our main character and just never voiced his/her feelings and therefore creates an effing love triangle. An example of this? The Dark Elements series. By God, did that make me angry.


The second way is when the best friend is the one who’s always loved our not-so-intelligent main character, and when the love interest comes along, this best friend acts as if they were seriously considering to tell our main character about their feelings. So this, therefore creates the damn love triangle. An example of this one is The Iron Fey series.


(3) Separated Lovers


This trope is at number three because I feel kind of in the middle about this one. I hate it more than the last two, but not as much as the first two.


Basically, this trope is when our main love interests are separated in the next book. And, neither are the mentioned being together or, I don’t know . . . It’s screwed up and I don’t get the point of this trope.  It’s frustrating, the readers can’t connect with it, and sometimes our love interests go all Bella-Swan-like.


Some examples that I really didn’t get: Pandemonium, Heir of Fire (extremely frustrating), and The Bitter Kingdom (well, that one actually wasn’t bad, I don’t know why I put it there).


(2) Plot Device Side Characters


If my number one most-hate trope wasn’t number one, it would’ve been this one. I hate this so much.


This is when the side characters in the story are meant for one these things: (1) making the plot move forward, (2) making the main character’s life much easier and convenient even though their life may be basically destroyed and (3) they are just a “tag” of a character. Like, “The Evil Queen” and “The Typical Best Friend” they have no personality, no life outside of our main character.  


Like, side characters are their own characters too! So, why?! Why does everything they do have to be for the main character? Or why is everything they do not explained properly? I don’t get it. I don’t.


Some most hated examples are: side characters in Shadow and Bone (basically the first book, it got better! So that was good and Divergent. I found a teeny bit of this in Mockingjay as well.


And finally, my most hated trope that should not come as a surprise:


(1) Love Triangles


Do I need to explain this one? Because a lot of you already know and I don’t want to gain a headache thinking about this one. They do not work, they are unrealistic, they are dumb, stupid, and are done properly extremely rarely.


And that’s it, guys! Once again, I’m really sorry this Top 5 Wednesday was late, I seriously didn’t mean for it to be.


Thanks for reading my Top 5 Wednesday guys! Let me know in the comments below what you think! :D