The Awkwardness of Reading Your Past Reviews and Ratings

So, just today I’ve decided to edit my book blog.


I went through the mass post editor (great thing to have, by the way!) and went about editing my book reviews and posts that I’d done. I’d edited about fourteen book reviews and two reading updates when I just could not do it anymore.


Legit, I started losing my mind.


First off, reading my very first review was extremely awkward. I had no idea what I’d written in there and I felt like I had a lot more things to say. But, whatever. I mean, it was my first review.


And then, I reached some reviews where I downright fangirled the entire way and didn’t even write anything that made a little bit of sense.


And then. I reached some books that I think are okay. I do. But then I saw some things. And this made me want to slap myself and then ask some other people to slap me.

(1) I gave Cruel Beauty a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Whereas now, I’d give it three. (2) I gave Cress, a masterpiece, 4 out of 5 stars. (3) I gave Insurgent 3 out of 5 and (4) I gave Allegiant four out of five stars. Like, what the eff was I thinking?!


I need a break. Ugh.