The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey #2)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa

I did not like this book.


2.5 stars: one star for Julie Kagawa’s writing; one star for Puck, Ironhorse, Grim, and Ash; and the point five star for the semi-cool ending. That’s pretty much it.


Trust me, I’m not saying that I hate this series, I just think that the aspects I didn’t like were just more prominent in this second installment. The problems I had were with the plot pacing, the non-existent love triangle, and Meagan (our beloved main character).


I cannot remember the last time a specific main character has ruined an entire book for me. Yeah, I’ve given out 2 star ratings before, but that was because of many things. I can’t remember the last time it was because of a main character.


Meagan Chase is supposed to be kept in the Winter realm from the contract she had with Ash from the last book. Ash specifically tells Meagan that he cannot go proclaiming his love for her 24/7 because it’s for her own safety, but Meagan continues to cry and complain like a little five-year-old girl and will constantly get herself into ridiculous situations. I’m not even going to give a lecture on this, because a girl who will complain even though her “true love” has told her not to will never understand what I’m trying to say.


Second thing: the love triangle. OMG SOMEONE PLEASE. PLEASE.

A tiny part of me, somewhere deep inside, was rejoicing at this newest revelation, though I think, deep down, I’d always suspected. Puck loves me, it whispered, thrilled. He’s in love with me. I knew it. I knew it all along.  

Girl, who you lying to?


I’m not Team Puck or Team Ash because I like both of them, in fact forget Meagan, Ash and Puck should just stick together as BFF’s and go off into the sunset.

Puck retreated, grinning, and the nurse sighed. “Those two,” she muttered. “They’re either best friends or darkest enemies, I can’t tell which. Come with me, Miss Chase.”

Also, the thing about the plot. Ugh. It was a great plot, but the pacing dragged at some parts and I felt really tired. I didn’t really care at all what was happening at a certain point. But, whatever. At least the ending was cool.


Overall, The Iron Daughter was kind of a disappointment to me compared to The Iron King. Yes, I have decided to read the next book, The Iron Queen later on, though.


Thanks for reading my review everyone and hope you have a great day! Until the next one!