Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I’ve read only three Rainbow Rowell books (out of, I think, four) that have already released. I think this is the best one! :D


I could just connect with this book on so many levels! Like, writing a book about a fangirl for people who love books? This book should just be called Read Me Now instead of Fangirl.


This is basically about Cather—she prefers “Cath”—Avery, who has always stuck hip to hip with her twin, Wren. But when they get ready to go to college, Wren makes it clear that she wants to branch out from Cath, and Wren feels she’s starting to grow out of Simon Snow (basically, a fictional series replacing Harry Potter). So, Cath has to figure out if she’s ready to let go of Simon Snow and if she thinks she should “grow up” as well.


One thing about Cath I loved. She’s basically “Magicath” who is a fan-fiction writer of Simon Snow and she has her own fan-fiction novel, Carry On. I loved this aspect, because I have read fan-fiction for so many books! While I did think that this novel showed less of Cath’s fan-fiction life and was more of her story I think that it did a great job doing what it did!


This book is also divided into two semesters. I think I liked the second semester better because second semester is when Cath really branches out and meets new people and pushes herself to do stuff (even when it’s last minute). So, I’m proud, Cath! You got there!


Can I just call Levi as mine? Can I just keep Levi? I want Levi. Where is he? I’ll just sit and wait.


One day, Levi. One day.


This coming of age story was extremely refreshing, and I loved it!


Overall, Fangirl is a great coming of age story that everyone should read. If not for the premise then at least for the bit of the fandom world mentioned in this story. Please just give this a chance! :D I think this is my favorite Rainbow Rowell yet! :D


Thanks for reading my review guys, and until the next one! :D