Book Series I Wish Had More Books | Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey, who usually does her videos on YouTube and has a Goodreads page for this where you can join if you’d like by clicking here! Basically we have a topic every week related to books and you choose your top five! This is done every Wednesday!


So, this week’s topic is: Book Series You Wish Had More Books. So, let’s begin! :D



(5) The Hunger Games series

by Suzanne Collins


It’s not the way that this series ended, it’s more how it ended. I feel like the climactic scene happened and BAM! epilogue followed. And, for those of you that have read Mockingjay it’s so obvious what I’m talking about. That epilogue, man . . .



(4) Leviathan trilogy

by Scott Westerfeld


This series actually ended pretty well, it’s just that I’m really greedy! I mean, yes, it ended properly, but I wanted to see more involvement from Alek and Deryn! Maybe we could see into their alternate history timeline more! I would loved to see more into that!



(3) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before duology

by Jenny Han


I really hope that wasn’t the last book in the series because it was so good until I reached the end! I mean, yes, I was glad that this series improved over time. But, the ending felt so rushed and there were so many things that were kind of left unresolved.


It was just the part where John Ambrose said he’d wait for Lara Jean and then Peter comes into the tree house like one chapter later and kisses her. Like, what? And then, by God! The friendships between Genevieve-Peter-Lara Jean were so unresolved! I think we deserved to see more of that!

(show spoiler)




(2) Shatter Me trilogy

by Tahereh Mafi


Just the ending of this felt like it was the beginning of another story. I mean, everything was resolved and stuff, but then, I could feel like there was room for so much more plot-wise! I think that there should definitely be a spin-off series.


Or, with the new TV show (I think) adaptation that’s coming out, maybe they’ll continue the series onwards?



(1) Delirium trilogy

by Lauren Oliver


Just the ending of this is so ridiculous! I mean, the moment everyone was waiting for just never even happened?! So, what are we all supposed to even read this book for?! It was all just things no one really cared about!


And that’s it, guys! This is this week’s Top 5 Wednesday! Let me know down below in the comments whether or not you agree! :D Thanks for reading everyone and hope you have a great day! Until the next one! :D