The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3)

The Titan's Curse  - Rick Riordan

One thing's for sure. The Titan’s Curse is the funniest book in the series!

“Wow,” Thalia muttered. “Apollo is hot.”


“He’s the sun god,” I said.


“That’s not what I mean.”

Of course, while I think this book is pretty funny, I also think that this one felt a bit repetitive. I mean, we’ve been seeing since book one about the prophecy that the gang must complete together. Also, have you guys noticed that almost every book opens up at a school?!


I enjoyed this one, but is the entire series going to be about the prophecies that these kids must complete every once in a while? I mean, where’s the actual prophecy of one of the kids from one of the three going to show up? In the very last book?


Details that I really want to talk about are in the spoilers below! :D


Okay, I really need to let this out. I’d thought that a Percy-Annabeth romance would happen later on in the books, but apparently, it’s only in this one! So, since Percy and Annabeth are still in denial, I’m not sure whether or not they may get together in this series!


The thing with Dionysus and Ariadne. I actually remember this from school (education is useful) about how Ariadne helped I believe Theseus (watch this be wrong . . . ) escape after defeating the monster in the labyrinth? And then he left her at night? But not to worry! Dionysus and Ariadne get together so haha, Theseus! I mean, I never knew that the reason Dionysus didn’t like any heroes would be so personal. Hmm.


Can we talk about the most important thing now? Yes, we shall. Basically Zeus-Poseidon-Hades make a deal not to have anymore kids after WWII and what do they do? Have more kids. Like, why did you make the deal if you were gonna have kids anyway?! So now there are three possible people that will fulfill this prophecy (that could’ve been prevented!!!!!): Thalia from Zeus, Percy from Poseidon, and now Nico from Hades. So, if Olympus falls, we know who to blame, people!


I thought Hades was the only God loyal to his wife?! Like, Hades is my favorite Greek God!


I never knew that the titan’s curse would refer to Atlas, himself. I feel so slow, sometimes.

(show spoiler)


Overall, The Titan’s Curse, is a pretty good book, it’s just this series is starting to feel repetitive! So, hopefully, things will speed up in the next one!


Thanks for reading my review guys! Hope you have a great day and until the next one!