Court of Fives (Court of Fives #1) by Kate Elliott

Court of Fives - Kate Elliott

Unfortunately, this book was just not for me. Besides the fact that this book had nothing I wanted in a book, this book also added a few more pet peeves of mine and combined it into a whole mess that I could not understand.


I loved the premise of this. But, as soon as I read the first five chapters of this book, I knew that the direction this book was turning in was just obviously not in my favor.


I didn’t like the main character at all, and sometimes, in books, I can deal with an unlikeable main character. But, Jessamy goes up to the point where she’s ready to sacrifice the foundation that her family has worked towards just so she can play in a game that she already knows that she can’t win. This, was a huge pet peeve for me.


Also, the world in this was completely different from what I was expecting! I believe this was supposed to be Fantasy—maybe this may have been my misconception—but then, nothing in here goes towards that. I could not see the way this led towards “Fantasy.”


I really didn’t like Jessamy’s family. They seemed to be more of something to bring out Jessamy’s personality. Her “plain looks” and her “average-ness” (keeping in mind that this girl has continuously able to won Court of Fives)! Even up to the point where a character who’s name I cannot even bother to remember seems to know that Jessamy was the girl who lost even though she’s been playing with a mask in front of people that have known her their whole life.


Everything was far too convenient for the main character. The world felt overly unbelievable and I could not grasp the brutal nature. Maybe this book wasn’t for me, but I didn’t enjoy it.


Overall, Court of Fives started out weak, but for me, it just stayed that way. I felt no attachment to the story, the characters, or anything in between. My main problem was just with the predictable plot pacing and the main character. Maybe, one day, if I hear great things about the sequel, I may want to pick it up. But for now, I don’t see myself going to read it.