Easy (Contours of the Heart #1) by Tammara Webber

Easy - Tammara Webber

I really enjoyed this book. For something that didn’t seem like anything I could enjoy (including the topic it dealt with) I was so glad when I picked up this book and got a little cupcake. I actually read this book in one day. It took me a day to finish this! That’s how good this is (I mean, I had some minor problems, but more on that later).


Jacqueline is one of those main characters that does this one thing that annoys me. But, I didn’t blame her. She follows her boyfriend to college. Unfortunately, even though Jacqueline leaves the chances of her going to an amazing conservatory, her boyfriend breaks up with her. On top of that, her ex-boyfriend’s frat buddy assaults her while she is leaving a party. Thankfully, there’s a right guy there at the right time that manages to save her.


I think the best thing about this book was the fact that how realistic it was! Even though Jacqueline manages to save herself, there wasn’t anything that actually stopped the guy that assaulted her to follow her around, and he goes up to the point where he threatens her.


Another great thing was how all the girls got together and solved this problem! This book was really great when it went into slut-shaming and how wrong it is, and had strong female friendships! :D


The romance between Lucas and Jacqueline was great. :D


The only minor problems that I had were that Jacqueline was not as paranoid after the assault, and the fact that I kind of predicted the whole tutor thing . . . *shakes head*


Overall, Easy is a great book that you should read if you’re in the mood for some feminine power! Just because later on in the book, I think this really delves into some topics that I don’t want to discuss because it’d be better to read about it and see for yourself! :D


Thanks for reading my review everyone and hope you have a great day! :D