All the Rage by Courtney Summers

All the Rage - Courtney Summers

This book made me feel ALL the rage. Throughout history, women have been restricted, and haven’t been given a lot of rights. We’re now in 2015, and sometimes, when you see what’s happening in the world, it’s hard to tell if society has changed for the better, or if it’s more ruthless. Women are still restricted by slut-shaming, physical domination, and, let’s not forget how easy it is to blame a girl for something that happens to her without consent.  

. . . how do you get a girl to stop crying?

You cover her mouth.

This book is one of the most dark, raw, and painful books that I’ve read this year. Yeah, I’ve read some pretty dark books this year. The thing different about this one is how scary and real it is. It’s so real, when I finished this book, I got chills and felt . . . I can’t even describe my emotions.

You know all the ways you can kill a girl?

God, there are so many.

This book is not for the light-hearted. This book shows you the god damn reality of exactly what happens in real life. Throughout the book, I would sometimes start feeling like crying because I hated it. I hated how real this book was, and people are so, so vicious.


I think I hate Sheriff Turner more than anyone in this entire book. Seriously, I guarantee you, if Romy would’ve said anyone but Kellan’s name, there would’ve been an effing investigation. Because in that case, Sheriff Turner wouldn't have had to choose. One tiny, tiny problem that I had, that I obviously don’t have anymore, is that the synopsis is slightly misleading. I’d assumed that Kellan is a huge part in this book, but that didn’t happen.


Yes, there’s a love story. Thankfully, it didn’t take up the entire book, and it has diversity! :D Also, the type of relationship that Romy and Leon have makes sense because, she still has scars over what happened to her, and I think that if anyone deserves Leon, it’s Romy. She deserves someone like him.


Overall, All the Rage is an amazing book about survival, and a tough world in which everything is portrayed so real! If you cannot handle tough books, then I would not recommend reading this. But if you’re looking for an honest, real read then read this book! I am definitely reading more of Courtney Summer’s standalones! :D