Hey Booklikes? Who am I, you ask? I’m that blogger, NerdyBirdie that disappeared and like, never came back. Honestly guys, I feel obligated to write and say how sorry I am. Unfortunately, school’s not in my control and as much as I love reading, school always comes first. I hope you guys understand. :)


Literally, every week is two tests and then in one of my classes, I’ll be working as hard as I can. It’s not that I stay up until 12 a.m., but I come home from school, eat, do my homework, go to tuition, and then come home, finish my homework, and practice the piano. By then, I usually eat dinner, and I’ve been in a binge-watching mood lately! So I’ll turn on Bones and Gotham (all caught up on Arrow, now!). And then I go to bed.


I used to have weekends free, but these past few weeks have been insane. I have friends that are having birthday parties, family events, and sometimes, I’ll just have to go somewhere. Maybe I need to buy something, maybe I have to meet up with someone somewhere. These things are getting out of control. I feel like the only time I’ll be free is during my winter break!


Last year was an easy year. I feel like I took all my free time for granted . . .


Anyway! I just want you all to know that whenever I can be, I’m here! I’m so sorry I haven’t been active, but I promise that during the winter and summer holidays (this sounds so bad now that I’m rereading this before posting . . .) I will be here!


Also, the day Booklikes gets an app will be the happiest day of my life. Trust me. It will be. Because I have time to like posts and comment off of my phone! I just don’t have time to log in on a computer and scroll through the feed. Like, Booklikes, I hope you’re working on an app, man. I need you.


Anyways, once again! I’m sorry and thanks so much for understanding, guys! :D Hope you talk to you all soon! :D