Walk on Earth a Stranger (The Gold Seer #1) by Rae Carson

Walk on Earth a Stranger - Rae Carson

At first, I was scared that this book wouldn’t be as good as The Girl of Fire and Thorns, but I was REALLY surprised when I found that I loved this book just as much as Rae Carson’s other works! It’s really amazing! There hasn’t been a lot of fiction set out near the west, so it was great to read this one.


For those of you interested in journeying stories might enjoy this one. If you liked The Girl of Fire and Thorns, then I’d say to go check this out! If you’re interested in travelling stories then check this one out, too!


This has gender-bending for a slight part of it, but it made sense. Like, I know this sounds weird, but this book went through actual situations like a girl pretending to be a boy but she gets her period. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s a realistic situation (please tell me I’m not the only one so I don’t feel like some idiot).


Another thing is that I can tell that there’s a romance, but it’s a slow build and it makes sense. Also, Leah has relationships out of romance, you know what I mean? She starts bonding with people.

At first, I didn’t like Mrs. Joyner, but after her and Leah began to get along, she became my favorite! I think my favorite scene was when Mrs. Joyner was giving birth and she blurts out everything that she feels about her life in general and what it’s like to be a woman to Leah. It just felt really honest and even after finishing the book, I read this scene a whole bunch of times.

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This story does move pretty slowly, but I enjoyed it more than enough and loved the pace that it moved at. Fans of Rae Carson and people who want to read stories about the West are recommended to pick up this book! I know that I really enjoyed this one! :D


Thanks for reading my review everyone and hope you have a great day! Until the next one! :D