2016 Reading Resolutions

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a great day! These are my reading resolutions for the year 2016.


To start off, my first resolution is to control my reading. As much as I read last year, my reading just got out of control, up to the point where I had to really struggle to finish a lot of books I’d started. And during random times of the year, I’d have piles of books that I had to read. Around a certain time that year, I didn’t even want to read anymore. So, this year won’t be like that.


My second resolution is to complete a reading challenge. I really want to branch out, and I’m not sure where to start from, so I decided to stay motivated and have fun by doing a reading challenge!


So, I chose a very obvious one, the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge. In total, there are about forty challenges to complete. I did this neat thing where I took like a “letter box” kind of thing and cut out forty small pieces of paper, folded them, and then placed them all in the letter box. So every month, I’ll choose 3-5 challenges to do at random!


My third resolution is to keep up with Top 5 Wednesday. Ever since I’ve started Top 5 Wednesday, I’ve done only two. That’s really disappointing because we’re given topics more than a week before and I feel that if I try to put more effort, then I will be able to finish them.


My fourth resolution is to set a goal for reading. Personally, I don’t think that this is related to controlling my reading. Anyway, on average, I’d like to read for 20 minutes every day (crazy schedule!!!). I’m sure that if I keep this in mind, it’s possible. I can listen to 20 minutes of an audiobook if I can’t read but I want to keep this goal reasonable.

And that’s it, guys! Let me know your reading resolutions down below and thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day and until the next one! :D