The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts

The Bodies We Wear - Jeyn Roberts

Basically, The Bodies We Wear revolves around the idea of the drug world and a girl hell bent on getting revenge for what happened to her.

I really liked the beginning of this book, but as I got towards the middle and the end, just the basis of this story began to drag on and every time I’d look at what the characters were saying, I’d just feel bored.

I understand that Faye is a conflicted character and I even respect that—considering what she’s been through, she should be entitled to make a decision that she thinks is going to bring her out of her dark thoughts—but I just stopped connecting with her after that Chael stuff. And I also thought that she was being an ungrateful brat to Gazer.


Especially the scene with Jesse making her fight was so dumb. She could’ve easily denied and prevented whatever happened, even though she knew how much Gazer struggled to get her through school.

(show spoiler)

Although the premise was great, the story just ended up stretching out too much for me, and the ending felt very convenient and anticlimactic just for the sake of wrapping up the book. I didn’t hate the book, it was pretty okay but just the ending was disappointing.