The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

The Heir (The Selection) - Kiera Cass

Okay, I have EXTREMELY mixed feelings about this book. EXTREMELY mixed feelings.

I will admit, when I first read about Eadlyn, I completely and utterly hated her with a passion that was unimaginable. She was a whiny, insensitive, rude, spoiled brat who clearly had nothing else to do except for this:

“Perhaps a guard then? Happens to the maids often enough,” she suggested with a giggle.

I scoffed. “That’s fine for them, but I’m not that desperate.”

Her laughter faded.

I saw immediately that I had offended her, but that was the truth. I couldn’t settle for any old person, let alone a guard. Even considering it was a waste of time.

Seriously, she couldn’t be a bigger brat if she tried. Like, just because she works with her dad and does all the paperwork does not mean that she “knows everyone’s pain”.

But… I had to force myself. I really had to force myself. And about a third of the way through, I got Eadlyn. I actually understood her. Shockingly. I did.

I understand that she’s the first female monarch that will rule for her country. And I understand that she’s sick and tired of being hated by people that don’t love her just because she’s not America or Maxon. And I personally didn’t expect her to take the Selection seriously at all. And I, in a weird way that I myself will never understand, admire her for being a consistent character. She doesn’t take crap from no one. And if she feels that she has offended someone she will try to apologize and she will think about it. She’ll think about the other person for a sentence, which is better than nothing.

I think towards the ending, I really understood her, and I’m kind of glad that she evolved (I think she did) and that she’s wanting to step up and that she thought about how to make people love her. She is a flawed character, and towards the end, it made her more real.

I’m not sure what it is about the Selection series that really keeps me reading as much as I can. But yes, I finished this in one sitting. :) Another guilty pleasure.

I cannot believe her brother ran off the way he did. I really loved him until he pulled off that stunt! AMERICA HAD A HEART ATTACK?!?! OMG POOR MAXON I WAS DYING FOR HIM I swear if America isn’t better in the next book…

And my favorite candidates are Henri (even though realistically, it’d be too difficult for Eadlyn to handle him) and Kile. But, I mean, their relationship is more mutual agreement than falling in love.

Also, I completely agree with Eadlyn on Josie being a brat. She annoyed me so much at times.


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Overall, The Heir was more enjoyable towards the end. Since it did take me awhile to get used to the beginning of the story. I’m REALLY looking forward to reading The Crown and hope that it ends just as good as The One did!