Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

Crow Lake: A Novel - Mary Lawson

Umm, I’m not really sure what to say about Crow Lake. I’d finished the book a couple of days ago, but I had analysis work to hand in, so I had to reread/skim a couple of sections.

To be honest, Crow Lake was strong in the beginning. The “Pye nightmare” ruining the “Morrison dream” was great! There was so much foreshadowing, and a great balance between the present and the past.

Well, at least, that’s what I’d thought.

Kate Morrison deserves the Nobel Prize. She should be worshipped because she’s just so important. She has a PhD, which, if you’re not aware means that she automatically knows a bunch of other stuff because she is so smart and has a PhD of the world.

But how can she be so dumb? Read to find out!

Kate thinks that this person and that person should have aimed to get a PhD in this and that. Like shut the eff up, Kate! No one cares!

Every time I’d have to reread this book to do professional analysis on Kate, I’d lose more of my mind. And unfortunately, this cause my rating to go down every time.

Everyone in this book is great. Except for Calvin Pye and Kate.

She really ruined this book for me. I, personally think that Kate’s ultimate realization was completely ridiculous. Everyone tells her in the book stuff and she doesn’t care. So I don’t understand HOW she realizes a bunch of stuff herself at the end!