The Damned by Andrew Pyper

The Damned - Andrew Pyper
Okay, I’m not sure where to really begin. I’d finished this book a while ago, but to be honest, I had to reread and analyze a bunch of sections of this book for work, so I’ve just decided to say that I’m finished, which I technically am.

This book is pretty interesting. It’s basically a huge rollercoaster ride—one that does not seem to want to end. I’m pretty sure that if I were Danny in real life, I’d have given up a long time ago.

Anyway, one thing I enjoyed consistently over the book was the abstract world of “after”. This is showed consistently 
from the amount of times Danny has passed through the afterworld and during the last few pages when he meets with everyone and puts together what happened the night Ash was murdered.
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The thing that also surprised me was the theory behind Ash’s… we’ll just call them problems.
Although there is this one scene where Danny’s mom explains to him the birth of Danny and his sister and how after she asked for both of them to be saved, Ash was the one who’s soul was sacrificed. I guess this leads us to believe that Ash actually had a monster inside of her since the beginning—further confirmed by Danny’s dad when he says that he just knew something was wrong with Ash from when she was little. It was pretty interesting to read and I think I have a decent understanding of what happened at the end.
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This book focuses more on a character-to-character conflict. It’s more of Danny and his sister than surrounding characters. Mostly all of the characters are used to add to the story or to contribute to the conflict, except for maybe Willa and Eddie, who help Danny emotionally and mentally get through the problems that he goes through in the book.

This book is quite creepy, mostly because instead of being all ghost-y, it goes into the creepy details of the levels of afterlife. We really do not know what afterlife is, and if we all end up in the same place, or the same age. So, some scenes creeped me out, but I wasn’t really scared after finishing this book.

*goes to watch cartoons before going to bed*

Overall, I enjoyed this book even though it got pretty messed up and creepy at some points, but, oh well, what else are we supposed to expect from a book about The Damned?