The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

There’s this one girl who I sit beside the train with when I come home from work. She’s always drinking and even though she knows that she does the most ridiculous BS whenever the heck she’s drunk she still drinks. A couple of days ago, while we were passing by, she told me that she lived in some room somewhere in the Victorian styled house. Basically she kind of lives down from her old house, her husband used to live there with her. Well, he still lives there. Just with his new wife and their new baby. I felt pretty bad for her. And then she starts pointing to these strangers that I have never seen before in my life. I mean, yeah, when I sit on the train I look at people outside all the time, but she starts telling me their names are, “Jess” and “Jason”. I was kind of hoping the alcohol was talking at this point, but no-sir-ee, she’s serious.

Anyway, I was watching the news a couple of days later, and “Jess” is missing! I felt terrible! I go on the train and come back from work again. This time that the girl I sit next to on the train is telling me that she has to go to the police! I asked her why, and she told me that “Jess” was cheating on her husband! My god, when I asked how she could have possibly known this, she said she saw her kissing another guy. “Well, do you know anything about these people?” I ask. But she starts telling me that she knows that what “Jess” did was wrong because she watched them outside the train window everyday and likes to make up stories about them! So she has to tell this to the police. Then she’s going to find a way to tell “Jess’s” husband! When I asked if she knew about these people and if they knew about her (just to clarify), she told me that she’d find a way to lie about knowing “Jess” and completely ruin everything by telling him.

Haha, just joking! I don’t really sit beside a girl on the train like that, I don’t even take any trains! I just took random inspiration from Rachel and made up a story. You’ll find out throughout The Girl on the Train that this is Rachel’s number one talent.

Everyone in this book is mess—I did not like a single character in this book, I hated everyone. The only thing that kept me reading was the plot and what happened. But I was kind of disappointed by the end.

Besides the fact that Rachel is just far too weak and irritating in my opinion was one thing, but watching her spiral downhill every couple of chapters or so was even worse. I am not lying when I tell you this: watching people outside of your window for a couple of minutes everyday does not mean that you know them. I like to look at this one golden retriever that me and my family see when we go for evening walks, does that mean that I know this dog’s mother, or the fact that this dog has three or four puppies? I don’t know—I don’t even plan to know.

I thought she was bad when she was drunk. Making bad decisions when someone is drunk is believable. But you do not want to read about her when she’s sober. Besides the fact that she goes to the police and makes up ten different things throughout the book enough for her to be charged with giving false information to the police, she also lies to every single character in this book. She lies so much, I’m surprised she doesn’t believe her own lies. All because she saw two people for two minutes everyday outside of her window. This does not make you Sherlock, sweetie, let the police do its job.


I thought the ending was just underwhelming.

And I knew there was always something wrong with Tom, so when this storyline started going in that direction, I just knew what it would probably be. If Tom can cheat on Rachel with Anna, then he can obviously cheat on Anna. Anna who has no remorse whatsoever for ruining the marriage of a woman who was already so depressed and lonely, and deserved to be cheated on.

(show spoiler)

Although I did not like the characters (that ruined a huge part of the book for me) and I also didn’t like the ending of this book (kind of predictable, and I knew where this was leading up to), I do give credit for Paula Hawkins’s writing. She has a strong writing style which makes her characters believable and makes you want to keep flipping the pages. My problem with this book was just that by the time I finished it, the only emotion left was disappointment and frustration.